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General speeches by David Sainsbury:

?.?.1981 The Institute of Chartered Accountants

6.12.1983 Speech to Stockbrokers - Shaw's

21.2.1984 IGD - Midland Branch, 'The Sainsbury's Story.'

15.1.1985 Edinburgh

17.1.1985 Senior Managers' Conference, 'The Funding of Stores.

11.3.1985 Cambridge University Industrial Society, 'J Sainsbury plc and Business Planning.' (The speech was not used. Mr David spoke to slides).

31.10.1985 Supermarketing Conference, 'Satisfying the changing demands of the consumer.'

25.11.1985 Edinburgh University Jubilee Lecture, 'Innovation in Retailing.'

11.12.1985 Speech to Analysts.

3.3.1986 Cambridge University Industrial Society, 'J Sainsbury plc and Business Planning.'

17/18.11.1986 Presentation to Analysts

28.1.1987 Shaw's Management

17.11.1987 Presentation to Stockbrokers Analysts.

24.11.1987 Presentation to Society of Investments Analysts (Not delivered)

27.6.1988 Presentation to Institutional Clients of Barclays De Zoete Wedd.

11.11.1988 1988 Interim Presentation

15.3.1989 Shaw's Management Conference.

5.4.1989 Goldman Sachs & Co. International Retailing Conference, speech given by David Quarmby

5.9.1990 Presentation to Deutsche Bank and Swiss Bank Corporation.

26.9.1990 Presentation at County NatWest, 'Sustaining Growth.'

27.9.1990 Notes for presentation on the Trainee Accountants Day.

17.4.1991 Retail Consortium, 'Innovation in Food Retailing.'

11.9.1991 Swiss Bank Corporation.

23.1.1992 Institutional Investors, 'Food Retailing - A view from the front.'

11.2.1992 Society of Investment Analysts, 'Food Retailing - Headline Issues & Strategic Change.'

17.2.1992 Swiss Bank Corporation key management.

28.9.1992 Presentation to Warburgs UK Investment Strategy Seminar

20.11.1992 County Natwest (Scottish Visit).

23.11.1992 'Value for Money.'

16.6.1993 Presentation at S G Warburg.

5.10.1993 Speech to Buyers' Conference.

?.?.1993 Presentation to Homebase Management.

8.7.1993 Presentation to Departmental Directors.

12.5.1993 Press Conference, 1992/3 Preliminary Results.