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Video recording of Alan Rickman, who worked in engineering at Sainsbury's mainly discussing include refrigeration at Sainsbury's. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives) at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. 31 minutes, 25 seconds long.

Summary of content:
Joined Engineering Department in 1932. Interviewed by Mr R.J. Sainsbury. Induction in accountancy. PA to Chief Engineer. In charge of refigeration. Refrigeration was below ground in the basement. Ammonia plant. Explanation of the refigeration process. No automatic plant. During the summer a special room was created in the basement to keep butter cool. Modernisation of branch plant. Describes ice being delivered by North Pole Ice Company. Ammonia accidents and leaks that would close the branch. Freon refrigerant replaced ammonia. Refrigeration on shop floor introduced after 1945 with frozen foods. Demobbed 1946 and first job back at Sainsbury's was to position refrigerator cabinets into shops. Story about frozen strawberries arriving from France. Birdseye frozen food. Air raid shelters built in Stamford House and Union Street. Formed LDV units or the Home Guard. First refrigeration cabinets were hired and in the window, served by the assistant via the window. Recalls problems with water in the refrigerant system which caused problems with the stock. Hussman (ph) cabinet installed in Marylebone Branch. Self service refrigeration issues with hinds of beef. Complete cold chain of delivery of goods such as beef. Introduction of refrigeration van. Rolling cold system in USA. E.F. Williams.