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Oral history recording of two Sainsbury's Veterans (retired staff) and one former school teacher. Interviewed at South Bank University, London. Topics include work at Sainsbury's, the Second World War, childhood.

Mr J.W. Campbell ('Jim', born 1913) - employed Sainsbury's 1946-78, a french polisher
Mr Alan Rickman (born 1915) - employed Sainsbury's 1932-, Chief Engineer
Mrs/Miss Holding - school teacher, not employed by Sainsbury's
Summary of contents:
92A Part 2 Unidentified speaker talking about army experience 1939-1945. Refrigeration for air conditioning in operating theatres in India during Second World War. Mrs Holding: rationing plain food. Spam. Egg powder. Mother shopped at Kennedys on Camberwell Green. Offal not rationed. Saved coupons for Christmas cake. Mishap with cake. Christmas. Younger children generation. Mrs Holding daughter born 1946. Took part-time work in school in order to be home for children. Opportunities after school. Night school City & Guilds Book Keeping. Personal views on contemporary society.
93A Part 1 Alan Rickman born August 1915. Joined Sainsbury's February 1932. Spent whole of working life with Sainsbury's. Lillian Holding: school secretary born December 1915. Husband worked for Sainsbury's. Jim Campbell: born 1913. 6 years in army. Started with Sainsbury's 1946 retired 1978. Left school age 14. Mother French Polisher. Apprenticeship 6 years. 7/6pence week. Sacked on 21st birthday. Cabinet making. Lillian: Camberwell school. Scholarship age 9. Age 11 scholarship Grammar school. Age 13 trade scholarship. Father died. Left school age 14. Cash desk job shop in Oxford Street 10 shillings. Book Keeping. Oliver Goldsmith further education. Called up Fire Service. Met husband on day war broke out. Daughter born 1946. School Secretary Camberwell. Mr Rickman: First World War Zeppelin raid. Born near South Lambeth Road. School. Church school off Clapham Road St Johnd. Junior County Scholarship to The Strand School, Brixton Hill 1931 sixth form science. Father postman. Headmaster Association given card R.J. Sainsbury. Interviewed by R.J. Sainsbury at Stamford House. Started General Office six months. Moved to Engineering department. Borough Polytechnic 5 years 4 nights a week qualified Electrical Engineering. First World War. Maroon Zeppelin warnings. Campbell: school discipline and punishment. Subjects included Maths, History, Geography, no Science, English, Sport. Holding: school and church going. Truancy. Alan Rickman: No career advice. Family needed money so unable to go to university. Joined scouts and choir. Male teachers. Corporal punishment.

93B Discipline. Childhood games. Depression. Jarrow Hunger Strikers marched down Blackfriars Road. 3 interviewees never out of work. North South divide. Campbell: Second World War called up, training. Holding: Second World War Fire Service. Different working atmosphere with men. 24 hours on duty 48 hours off duty. Practice exercises. Camaraderie. [20.05] Alan Rickman: 1938 Sainsbury's employees volunteer for Local Defence Volunteers. Assembled lunch times for drills. Sainsbury's Company of the Home Guard. Became Sergeant. Mounted guard over cold storage depot in Union Street from 6pm until 6am. Canteen built in Stamford House to feed the Home Guard. Sainsbury's advice on food rationing. 1940 sentry duty 2am-4am bacon yard, bomb direct hit Union Street. Main plant in engine room flooded. 1942 got call up papers, went to chief engineer, Mr Hall, still rebuilding Union Street. Story of trying to get it delayed in order to complete Sainsbury's rebuilding.