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Audio recording and transcript of a meeting between F.W. Salisbury (Sainsbury's director) and Jim Woods (Sainsbury's Publicity Manager) discussing draft of Sainsbury's 100 years book ("JS 100: The Story of Sainsbury's"). According to a note on one of the cassettes, these conversations were held in Salisbury's garden at Bosham in Summer 1968.

Summary of content:
early 1900s?: Page 9 of draft general design of shops.
1920s (approximate): Butchers' blocks and butchery, bacon.
?: Horse repository. Distribution, range of goods.
First World War: Meat imports.
early 1900s: Margarine. Butter. Building new shops - stories about JB and Frank Sainsbury. Costs. Haverhill, egg production. Stamford House site [main head office building], previous shops. Early competitors. Maypole Dairies, Home & Colonial dairies. New shops in Dalston, Ealing. John Collis. Early Stamford House (Sainsbury's head office). Sausages - Baxters, Sainsbury's early manufacture. More about sausages. L.J. King advertising lamp shade. Last gas lamps, change to electric, early refrigeration, cold stores, N. Pole Ice Co. Early innovations, hygiene. Page 16 of draft - messengers, horses & carts. Imports of food. Cooked meats, references to JB Sainsbury. Sausages; JB Sainsbury and beef sausages. Different goods sold. Frank Sainsbury and eggs, poultry, Lloyd Maunder [supplier to Sainsbury's]. Rabbits from Ostend.

early 1900s: More about imports. Working conditions. Early Closing Act and Association. Closing hours. Takings per shop. 1905-1910: More about takings. Delivery vans and taking.
early 1900s: Kensington shop description. Animals and breeds, Frank Lloyd Maunder. Commodity knowledge, JB Sainsbury. Early beginnings of Lloyd Maunder association.
1930: Visit to Ireland with Mr Alan Sainsbury.
?: More about Lloyd Maunder and family.
1930s?: Powers Samas, accounting. Scotch beef, John Collis. Page 22 of draft. Canterbury Frozen meat Co.
?: References to Frank Sainsbury.
early 1900s, First World War: Wages, conditions.
First World War: Rationing. Derby scheme.
1919: Norton and training.
1914-19: Cheese, teas, range, prices.
1920s: Introduction of grocery by JB Sainsbury. Third generation of Sainsbury's. New Grocery Lanham. Selsa introduction.
post First World War: Delivery trucks. Packaging groceries.

post First World War: New staff, depression. Intro of delivery charge.
1931: Acquisition of site for plant, kitchens, factory.
1914 onwards: Distribution - options, difficulties with rail, steam wagons, first motor vehicles, transport managers.
Early 1930s: Accounting, Power Samas, pension scheme.
Beginning of Second World War: Trading.
End of Second World War?: First selling of tomatoes.
Second World War: Points scheme. Closure of branches.
End of Second World War: Trading situation. Fullers. Livestock, loss of breeding stock during war. Cattle breeds.
post Second World War: Extension of grocery range. changing use of space in stores. introduction of cash registers. Large increase in trade-figures. Increase in counter space, talk about introduction of self-service. Building licenses and lack of new equipment.
various dates: 9-11 Croydon, other early stores.
1930s: Frozen foods and early cabinets.
1940s: Opening of first self-service, store design. Early Express checkouts. Store openings.
1950s: Fresh meat self-service.
1940s/50s: Staff relations, wages living in.
Various dates, up to 1950s: RJ Sainsbury and work on rehabilitation. Opening/closing hours and regulations. Various stores. Difficulties with local council in obtaining building licenses in specific places.
Various dates: Historical comparison of price per sq. ft. and rents
?: Cheneys (ph), JB Sainsbury, reference to JJ Sainsbury.
possibly early 1930s: Stamford and Wakefield House, offices, factory.
?: Six departments.

Goat and Compasses. Whale meat. Coventry. Women's employment 1914. 515 Finchley Road. Kippers appeared for the first time. Tomatoes. Fish cake Fullers. Livestock culled. Milk Marketing Board 1950s. National Cattle Breeders' Association. FW Salisbury - 6 month period at Smithfield. Groceries. Belgian penny wafers. Dutch Custard Powder. Australian goods. Shop fronts removed for extra counter space 1950s. Rationing. New store design. National Cash Registers. Hygiene. Swifts of Chicago. Building licences. New equipment. Refrigeration case. Ice cream Ruislip. Frozen food counters for grocery. Renovation of old teak shop front. Express checkouts. Grange Hill London County Council estate. Lewisham 1954. Technological difficulties. Customer credit. Housekeeper. Rehabilitation of men returning from war service.
68_A Ilford butcher shop closed Monday afternoon. Personnel. 1922 introduction of wage for age scale. Corruption. Kingston. Staff Association. Epsom. Henry Valence. Sainsbury's sausages and Baxter's sausages. Wakefield House. Cooked meats.