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65 colour slides relating to various aspects of Sainsbury's. This includes slides relating to: Basingstoke depot, sausage making at Haverhill Meat Products, petrol stations, competitors, computers, private label (own label products), statistics on numbers of stores with features such as delicatessen counters, food products, a receipt, advertisements, and many slides on company history.

The slides were found in a slide tray and have been numbered by the archivist according to the position of the slide in that tray (numbered in pencil in the bottom right hand corner). There were no slides placed in slots 7-12, 14, 18, 34, 35, 59, 70, and 78-80. However it appears that this probably does not reflect any deliberate original order and it appears that this file of slides does not relate to any single presentation since the topics included vary greatly. Other numbers written on the slides in pen may be a better reflection of original order.