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A set of images mounted on card and labelled with a number and caption.

The images relate to the following branches or subjects:
1. Telford
3. East Grinstead
4. Arndale Centre, Wandsworth
5. Bletchley (another copy at SA/BRA/7/B/26/109)
6. Telford
7. Telford
8. Telford
9. Bretton (another copy at SA/BRA/7/P/6/1/261)
10. Telford
11. Bretton
12. Bletchley (tiles)
[13. Bretton] - see Bretton branch image file
14. Telford (hardware)
15. Bletchley (hardware) (another copy at SA/BRA/7/B/26/108)
16. delicatessen counters (store not specified)
17. Telford (bakery)
18. clothing
19. clothing
20. light pen in use for Branch Ordering System
21. rolling cold unit in a branch preparation area
22. Toledo automatic weighing and pricing machine
32. Fresh fruit and vegetables being loaded from an BEA aeroplane into a Sainsbury's/WJ Sims lorry
33. a Freezer Centre
34. a Freezer Centre
35. Charlton depot
36. part of the warehouse floor at Charlton depot
38. Sainsbury's vehicle fleet
39. bacon line at Basingstoke depot
40. lamb line at Basingstoke depot
41. bacon line at Basingstoke depot