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Consists of:

a letter dated 8 Jan 1991 from Jenny Lo, B.B.C. Producer of "Manna to Microwave", to Bridget Williams, Company Archivist, informing her that "Manna to Microwave" was going to be broadcast on the B.B.C. World Service in English from March 1991 as part of a 6-programme series about food and religion, health and medicine, trade and empire, war, industry, and culture [Bridget was involved in the making of the "Food and Industry" episode].

A draft memo dated 11 Oct 1991 from Mr C.J. Leaver to Mr Alan enclosing the questions sent in by Rupert Parker, the Producer of "F for Food" (Channel 4), which he wanted to ask Mr Alan at a pre-arranged interview on 17 Oct; the questions refer to Mr Alan's 1949 visit to the USA to look at the supermarket operation, and the impact of introducing self service into Sainsbury's stores in Britain; Mr Leaver also suggests in the letter that Mr Alan may like to have Bridget Williams with him at the interview as a prompt.

Also includes:
several annotated drafts of Mr Alan's answers for the "F for Food" interview;
a copy of a fax dated 21 Oct 1991 from Harriet Bakewell, Researcher from Stephens Kerr production company, to Bridget Williams thanking her for being present during Mr Alan's interview and for "contributing the occasional prod" and informing her of the illustrative material now needed to accompany the script for the "History of Sainsbury" story;
photocopies of two archive documents: an interview of Mr Alan and Mr R.J. with Mr Lloyd of The Board of Trade, Friday 16 Sept 1938 [WAR/-/7878], and a letter dated 10 Feb 1940 from Mr Alan to Mr F. Carter informing him that he has been selected to attend the Sub-Committee on Trade and Economic Warfare;
photocopy of an article from the J.S. Journal Sep 1949 about Mr Alan and Mr Salisbury's trip to America.