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1 ring bound file for Sainsbury's and Cereal Partners U.K., contains strategies for Easter, Euro 2000, different types of promotion, Sainsbury's Brand, sales review including share performance by product, target volumes and sales comparison with Tesco (29 September 1999);
2 sheets titled Sainsbury's Packaging Design Project Estimate by Lemon (Design consultants) concerning adult cereal range (12 March 1999);
14 sheets breaking down Sainsbury's sales of hot and cold cereals to families, adults and children, plus comparisons eith competitors such as Tesco and Asda (undated, circa 1999);
15 sheets concerning consumer trends in cereal purchases and Sainsbury's market share of different types (undated, circa 1999);
2 sheets detailing a schedule for possibly developing different cereals between 30 May 1999 - 29 August 1999;
1 flow chart titled Category Segmentation: How do consumers see the category? (17 February 1999);
1 sheet showing development stages of children's breakfast cereals (1999);
1 form for Sainsbury's Own-Brand Design Brief Foods, Final Design Information: Precise (cereal product) (21 December 1999);
1 form for Sainsbury's Own Brand Design Brief Foods, Final Design Information: Smiley Faces (cereal product) (2 July 1999);
1 form for Sainsbury's Own-Brand Design Brief, Funny Faces (cereal product) (1999);
2 photocopied sheets titled 'Why is Breakfast the most important meal of the day?', includes hand written amendments to packaging information (undated, circa 1950s).