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Includes: two copies of 'Superstores Growth and Trading Profile', two copies of 'Trends in Grocery Retailing - The Market Review', one copy of 'Superstores Trading Profile', one photocopied copy of 'Forecourt Retailing', two editions of 'Grocery Wholesaling' and one copy of 'Food Consumption '98'.

Also includes: one copy of 'World Class Retailing: reaching new heights', one copy of 'Freezer Centres Directory 1984', one copy of 'Specialist Foods', one copy of 'The Changing Face of Retailer Brands', one copy of 'Discount Food Retailing in the UK' and two editions of 'Grocery Distribution'.

Contains: one copy of 'Brands: Their Future On The Supermarket Shelf?', one copy of 'Small Stores 85', one copy of 'The Grocery Business 1970-1980', one copy of 'Food Distribution: its impact on marketing in the '80s', one copy of Review of Activities 1984' and one copy of 'Wholesale Grocery Trade Structure 1983-1984'.

Also contains a profile of international food distributor Koninklijke Ahold NV of The Netherlands and order forms for several Institute of Grocery Distribution business publications.