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Includes a press release from Sainsbury's announcing that fewer Texas Homecare stores were closing than had been previously thought, 15 May 1995, and a report on the City of London's response to Sainsbury's acquisition of Texas Homecare and the January Trading Statement, 30 January 1995.

Also includes an issue of Press Digest and two issues of Daily Presscut - Corporate which contain compilations of photocopied press cuttings about Sainsbury's acquisition of Texas Homecare, January 1995.

Also contains a set of prepared questions and answers about Sainsbury's acquisition of Texas Homecare for staff dealing with the press, and duplicate sets of printouts from a presentation given by David J Sainsbury and Dino Adriano about Sainsbury's acquisition of Texas Homecare and the integration of it into Homebase, 25 January 1995.

There are also guidelines for staff about the correct use of the Texas Homecare corporate logo, the Gardenstore corporate logo and the Wrighton logo (Wrighton was a range of kitchens).

Also includes letters and leaflets to customers about the closure of some Texas Homecare stores. Some stores became Homebase stores. Also contains leaflets and promotional mail-outs to customers featuring special offers at Texas Homecare stores. Some of the promotional mail-outs have not been taken out of their envelopes.

Also contains a few A4 sheets on the historic development of Texas Homecare.

There are four duplicate paper napkins with 'Texas Pantry' written on each of them, and a slide of two men working in a workshop.