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Patricia Steggles, Streatham hill and Forest Hill, January 1974 to march 1987

1960-1980 Staff


I'm now at Horsham (for 24 years). I started at Streatham Hill branch, small store, I worked on the fresh chicken and rabbit counter, where we had to weigh and wrap products,add up in our heads ,handle cash too,then I worked on the cheese counter, cold meats,dairy, also after a while on the,small display of cigarettes,along with BWS. We used to close at 4.00 pm on Saturdays,no Sundays and we'd close at 1.00 pm on Mondays. In 1980 I moved to Forest Hill Store where I did some stock ordering with 'plessey' machine, I think I've spelled that correctly,and they had tills that added up for you, oh joy!! I broke my service for eight years because we moved to Cornwall and there were no Sainsbury's stores at the time.Then in March 1995 we moved to Broadbridge Heath Horsham,a new Sainsbury's was due to open in May,and of course I applied and got the job, I'm still there and work on the self scan check outs which I love, and hope to do so for many more years.

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