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Mixed content speeches, for example:

8.9.1997 Eating and Retailing, 'Widening the Appeal of the Supermarket.' By Shelia Marshall.

Also includes a summary of the history of food adulteration, and food safety. (SPE/-/8893)

?.7.1998 Heap High the Groaning Platter, An Essay in Food Enjoyment.By Shelia Marshall.

2.10.1995 British Baker Conference, 'Putting Back the Freshness.' - A Route to the Future, The Sainsbury Approach to Bread Retailing, By Bob Emmott, at Bake '95.

26.9.1998 The Girls' Day School Trust, Head Girls Conference 1998 at Sutton High School. (1998.0560 SPE)

Unknown Can Fresh Food be Branded?

Unknown Growth Strategies to the Year 2000, By David Quarmby

1.7.1994 Departmental Directors' Seminar, by Ivor Hunt [departmental director for marketing services].

26.2.2001 Maidstone Veterans' Reunion Speech.

?.9.1985 The Royal Society of Arts, Modern Technology in Retailing, by Jeremy Grindle.