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Comprises slides, transparencies and print of advertisements for beers, wines and spirits including:

wines: Chardonnay, Cava, Prosecco; French wines (Cotes de Provence); Claret;

fortified wines: Port, Sherry;

Champagne; 0

spirits: whisky (Scotch and Irish); Crème De Cassis;

special offer price lists: "Four cheers for Sainsbury value - Good cheer costs less at Sainsbury's"; "Raise your glasses to low prices from Sainsbury's"; Christmas wine list;

price list for Weybridge branch off-license ('Olde Trinity Wine House')

advertisement for "Sainsbury's Book of Wine" by Oz Clarke;

advertisement for 'Supermarket Wine Merchant of the year';

Christmas drinks advertisement;

customer promotional leaflets and magazines about wine

Some advertisements feature the slogan: "Good wine costs less at Sainsbury's".