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Leaflet for Sainsbury's staff about the launch on 26 June (year not given) of over 300 new healthy eating products. The launch is described as 'the biggest cross-category product innovation in our history'. It includes information on the changes to the ranges and marketing support for the campaign on 26 June to 23 July which included a television commercial with Jamie Oliver to promote the Freefrom range.

This launch featured:
Sainsbury's Freefrom - a new range free from gluten, wheat or dairy ingredients
Sainsbury's Way to Five - a new range of over 90 products 'bursting with fruit and vegetables', encouraging people to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day ('five-a-day')
Sainsbury's Health Foods - a revamped wellbeing section
Sainsbury's Organic - over 50 new products added to this existing range
Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself - over 70 new products added to this existing range of healthier foods