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    Turkey Dinners
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    J.S. Jobs
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    Holiday Competition Result
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    Ice it Yourself
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    New Branch at Crawley
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    Sales Office
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    Meet the Commodity Clerks
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    Trip Abroad
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    A Chill for...

  • Turkey Dinners 03

    The Christmas bird is a very handsome fellow when he shows himself off like this one from Hampshire. Our pictures on the following pages were taken at Bradley Brothers, Brewery House Farm, Middle Wallop. These latest...

  • J.S. Jobs 10

    Number 9. New Series Mr. H. E. Jordan. THERE are a number of firms who supply J.S. with ready-to-cook poultry. To make sure that processing and grading conform consistently to J.S. standards of quality, Mr. H. E. Jordan...

  • Holiday Competition Result 11

    Winner "J.S. Journal" Competition The J.S. Journal Holiday Competition Was judged last month by Mr. J. D., Mr. Simon and Mr. Timothy Sainsbury. There were 38 entries in all and they came from all parts of the firm. "The choice...

  • Down Memory Lane 14

    ROMFORD, 1 9 0 5 /6 From Mr. Tupman comes this handsome view of Romford Branch which, he tells us, he understands was opened in 1903 not 1902 as reported in J.S. Journal for October '57. Mr. Tupman started work there in July,...

  • Ice it Yourself 15

    "J.S. Journal" Handyman Feature No. I (and last) of a New Series or why not a Skiffle Cake this Christmas ? ABOUT this time of the year the subject of icing the cake rears its head in our establishment. The subject is not...

  • New Town, New Branch at Crawley 18

    Nineteenth J.S. self-service shop to open was at Crawley New Town on November 5th. It opened in Queen's Square and was greeted by a hailstorm. Crawley housewives, however, gave it a warm welcome. This wide and handsome...

  • Sales Office 30

    Some of the people at Blackfriars whose work Is the preparation of sales figures and records. Mr. F. A. Bastie has been with J.S. since 1926. He was for about 15 years in the Stock Office and joined the Sales Office after he...

  • Meet the Commodity Clerks 31

    A J.S. Journal feature to help you to know to whom you are talking when you make a call to the Sales Office. Mr. D. D. Cole. Mr. S. Mitchell. Mr. W. A. Nicholls. Mr. E. C. Webster. In the picture above are the people who...

  • Some notes from a Trip Abroad 32

    A. T. Miller, ©f 1/4 Ealing, who won the J. Sainsbury Travelling Scholarship at the College of Distributive Trades, returned recently from his three-week tour. He travelled 3,000 miles and visited shops in Switzerland, ...

  • A Chill for Christmas 34

    VICKERS shivered so violendy that the pencil he was holding shot flickering across the papers on the table. " Sorry someone walking over my grave," he muttered to Gray who was groping on the floor for the pencil. Then the ...

  • Butter . . . by the yard 39

    An account of an old custom based on material in "The Monthly Review of the Institute of Weights and Measures Administration To foolish fellows it used to be said "You ought to go to Cambridge where they sell butter by the...

  • J.S. Drivers' Club 40

    On November 2nd, J.S. Drivers held a social evening and ladies' night at the Blackfriars Canteen. Our pictures are of some of the guests and members of the club. Committee Drivers Parkinson, H. Oliver, Wall is ...

  • 'B' Section Dance 42

    Holloway held a very well-attended dance at Blackfriars on November 2nd. George Alexander's Band made the music and Mrs. Wisker of Kingsland Road branch sang with them (bottom left) and very nicely too. Newly married Mr. &...

  • Up Down 44

    Reprinted from The Borough who found It in the Trade journal who say it is really authentic ! REPORT To the Executive Engineer Respected Sir, When I got to the building (Job No. 824) I found that the hurricane had knocked...

  • 'H' Section Dance 45

    It was at Streatham Ice Rink Ballroom that Balham's S.S.A. members got together on October 30th to hold a lively dance. Ed. Wheeler made music. Frank White was M.C. Parties came from Streatham (top left) and...

  • Marriages 46

    Very best wishes for their future happiness to :—
    Mr. G. D. Hunt of 218 Sutton and Miss j . Dilby of Wallington, who were
    married on October 26th, 1957.
    Mr. A. J. Cross of 16/20...

  • Movements and Promotions 46

    Movements and Promotions
    We are very pleased to record the following promotions :—
    C. F. Cox Farnham
    P. F. Cross 59 Hove
    D. McGinn 3 Hove, transferred to East Grinstead
    R. S. Reed Walton
    H. W. Watkins...

  • Obituary 46

    We regret to record the deaths of the following colleagues and send our deepest sympathy
    to all their relatives :—
    R. BEAUCHAMP, who joined the staff of the Factory in 1916 as a Boner.
    Illness forced him to resign...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 47

    News of J.S. Staff on National Service
    The following notes are based on a few of the letters we have received from our National
    Servicemen. We would like to take this opportunity of sending our Christmas
    Greetings to all J.S....

  • Retirements 47

    We send our best wishes to the following colleagues who have just
    R. R. NEWLING, who has just retired after 43 years' service
    with the firm. He joined us in March, 1914, as a
    Learner at Muswell Hill,...

  • About Us 49

    About Us
    Getting out a house magazine is fun, but no picnic.
    If we print jokes, people say we're silly.
    If we don't, they say we're too serious.
    If we borrow items from others, we're too lazy to write them
    If we...

  • "J.S. Journal" Crossword No. 3 50

    Across 1. 9. 10. 11. 12. M 16. 17. 19. 20. 22. 23. 24. 26, 28. 29. Joey lost a bit and put his foot down (10, 5) Mr. Butler pieces together the rodents (7) We do not recommend the purchase of a pig like this...