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    New Shop, Drury Lane
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    The Last of the First
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    They're Open!
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    'The Lane'
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    Happy Christmas
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    The thin and the thick of it
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    Three dances and a social
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    'Y' Fly to Brussels

  • The Last of the First 02

    The Last of the First November 10th 1958 was the last day of
    trading for the little shop at 173 Drury Lane
    where John James Sainsbury and his wife
    Mary Ann opened their dairy in 1869.
    In the autumn evening,...

  • They're Open ! 04

    They're Open !
    10 a.m., November 11th, 1958
    She's delighted to be top of the queue as the new shop
    opens. A cheerful and excited crowd of shoppers came
    streaming into the new branch which hasn't a rival
    in that part of...

  • 'The Lane' 09

    Sudden Death,
    Little Nellie
    and Stout
    for Breakfast
    'The Lane'
    We probably won't ever know just exactly why
    John James Sainsbury chose a shop in Drury Lane
    when he decided to set up in business as a dairyman,
    but he could...

  • Happy Christmas 13

    We would
    like to t a k e
    this opportunity
    of wishing all
    our readers
    a very happy
    Christmas and
    many birds
    in all their
    bushes too.

  • The thin and the thick of it 14

    The thin and the thick of it
    by J. L. Woods
    Thinking of one's weight is not an unpleasant
    pastime providing one doesn't have to do anything
    about it—even if one ought to do something about
    it, it's one of those things one...

  • Three dances and a social 16

    £ I I J November 1st saw'W section and friends enjoying
    \ J themselves at Blackfriars at the section's dance. Picture below
    is a party from Chingford and the one on the right
    is a lucky girl who had a lucky...

  • Y' Fly to Brussels 18

    Fly to Brussels
    Homeward Bound
    The exhibition is over now, but the extraordinary
    Atomium is to remain for another ten years
    as an attraction to visitors and a reminder
    of the world's biggest yet exhibition....

  • Wonderful 'D'ay! 19

    Wonderful 'D ay
    'D' section took off from Blackbushe for a Sunday
    in Paris at 10 a.m. on October 19th and, they all say,
    had a wonderful time there. Sightseeing included the
    Arc de Triomphe (it covers the tomb of The...

  • Ten Little Niggers 20

    "Ten Little Niggers" proved a very enjoyable, tense and exciting drama—presented by
    a youthful cast bound together by the cleverly calculated playing and forceful stage
    presence of that stalwart Valentine Dever.
    Although the...

  • Cake and Turkey 21

    Diets in Danger!
    Here's Miss Sewell ofJ.S. Sampling Room with the cake
    she baked and iced from her own recipes in the October
    and the November J.S. Journals. After trying it we
    can confirm that it's one of the best practical...

  • Really the End 21

    Really the End
    Early last month we found ourselves looking from
    the fourth floor, right into the ruins of the lecture
    hall of the Rotunda, which used to be in Blackfriars
    Road. In this hall Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    first gave...

  • Down Memory Lane 22

    Down Memory Lane
    Here is the centrepiece of a
    window display at 87 Ealing
    in J915y when Mr. Beavis
    was manager. The poster
    of "The Union of the Day"
    was much used then to
    publicise the offer of "Double
    Weight" Nuts and...

  • Prize at Balham 22

    Prize at Balham 'H' section held their dance
    on November 12th at the
    "Bedford," Balham. First
    prize winner in the raffle got a
    camera. She was Mrs. A.
    Walls of 176 Streatham and
    that's Mr. Russell of Norbury
    handing it...

  • Obituary 23

    We regret to record the deaths of these colleagues and send
    our deepest sympathy to all relatives:
    T. E. CASEY, who joined the firm in October
    1957 as a Basket Issuer at Paddington. He died on
    November 7th after a...

  • Retirements 23

    We send our very best wishes to the following colleagues
    who have recently retired:
    MRS. K. O. PAIN, who started in 1936 as a Daily
    Maid at 14 Ilford, but was later promoted to
    Housekeeper. In 1955 she was...

  • Transfers and Promotions 23

    Transfers and Promotions
    L. PRICE
    E. R. PRYKE
    Assistant Manager:
    A. S. HAGGER
    Head Butchers:
    R. DOWNS
    G. BYE
    from 173 Drury Lane
    to 296 Holloway
    from 296...

  • News from our National Servicemen 24

    News from our National Servicemen
    G. E. Balnaves, High Barnet, Stafford (R.A.F.).
    Regards himself as fortunate in not being sent to Cyprus
    recently and hopes, since he has only seven more months
    to do in uniform, that he will...

  • ? What 24

    Can you identify the object in the picture above ?
    For the first correct identification to be opened
    "J.S. Journal" offers a prize of a
    £ 1 * 0 * 0 Premium Bond
    Entries should be sent to "J.S. Journal," Stamford