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    Departmental Directors
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    The Queen
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    Chelmsley Wood
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    Steak Pies
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    Flight to Toronto
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    Table Tennis
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    Social Events
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    Staff News

  • Five New Departmental Directors 02

    Five New Departmental Directors
    "The Board has been giving careful consideration
    to the management structure required to cover the
    increasing scale and complexity of the business,
    as well as taking account of the retirement...

  • The Queen visits Chelmsley Wood 05

    The Queen visits Chelmsley Wood
    On the morning of Wednesday,
    April 7, Her Majesty The Queen,
    accompanied by the Duke of
    Edinburgh, paid a short visit to
    Chelmsley Wood. Lord Bearstead
    showed her around the centre
    and town,...

  • Chelmsley Wood 06

    Chelmsley Wood Seven years ago Chelmsley Wood
    was but a gleam in the eye of the
    Birmingham City Council. On 21
    December 1964 they were granted
    planning permission to build a complete New Town for 60,000
    people on 15,000 acres...

  • Ipswich 10

    Ipswich Our new supermarket in Upper
    Brook Street opened on March 16.
    The Manager, Mr. D. Barclay (below
    left) was wished well by the
    manager of the old branch, Mr. A. F.
    Fry, who retired on its closure. Mr.
    F. C. Juby,...

  • Steak Pies 15

    Pies in flat cans which you take
    the lid off and bake in the oven
    have been around for years but the
    JS version is unique—it's the only
    one with short pastry. And the
    company who make them think
    they are better than their...

  • Flight to Toronto 20

    The Captain's voice came loud and clear over
    the public address system, " I t is now six-fifty
    local time, and we will shortly be dropping
    down in readiness to land at Toronto airport.
    The weather in Toronto is fine, and...

  • Badminton 22

    Badminton Tournament This year, on Sunday, 28 February,
    the Badminton Tournament was held
    for the first time at the Crystal
    Palace National Recreation Centre,
    on the right. The move was approved
    by everybody...

  • Table Tennis 24

    Table Tennis
    The Table Tennis Tournament at
    Blackfriars on March 7, also
    provided plenty of excitement. The
    new Singles Champion, below, was
    Mr. S. Hunt from Buntingford and
    indeed he won the Men's Doubles
    too, with D....

  • Social Events 26

    The Estates Department very much
    enjoyed their Second Annual
    Dinner at The Spaghetti House,
    Knightsbridge, in January. Norwich
    The Annual Dinner and Dance in the
    Norwood Rooms on January 31,
    was also the occasion to...

  • Movements and Promotions 29

    Managerial Appointments
    J. PBENDERGAST From Reserve Manager at
    Wembley to further training then
    to the Management of 87 Baling
    from January 19,1971.
    J. SHARP From Reserve Manager at
    Reading to further Self-Service

  • Long Service 31

    Long Service
    Congratulations to the following colleagues who have
    completed long service with the firm.
    40 Years' Service
    p. A. BAIRD Chargehand, Motor Engineers,
    G. GOODY Manager, Southampton,
    c. w. GRINDLEY...

  • Retirements 31

    We send our best wishes to the following
    colleagues who have just retired.
    M r. G. Bentham was engaged on March 21.1927,
    as a learner at Stockwell. He was on National
    Service from December 5,1940, until March...

  • Obituaries 33

    We regret to record the death of the following
    colleagues, and send our sympathy to all relatives.
    M r s . R. Dyer was engaged on August 22.1968.
    as a part-time Supply Assistant at Bexley Heath,
    where she was...

  • James Boswell 34

    James Boswell
    It is with great sadness that we have to report
    the death of James Boswell who edited the J.S.
    Journal for us for almost 20 years. He died on
    April 15th after an illness which he had suffered
    bravely and very...

  • Competition 36

    Very likely you have seen this
    photograph. It was offered to us
    'on spec' by a commercial
    photographer who took it
    outside a Sainsbury supermarket
    —not with J.S. in mind—
    but because he thought it would
    make a good...