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  • Sales ahead but profit margin squeezed 01

    Sales ahead but profit margin squeezed
    JS ACHIEVED a significant increase in the volume of sales in the
    first half of the 1977/8 financial year, despite the Tesco price war
    and the three-week unofficial depot strike, reported...

  • . . . and another at Oldbury 02

    . . . and another at Oldbury
    HOT ON THE HEELS of SavaCentre's
    Washington venture comes favourable
    news of proposals to build another in
    01dburyL Birmingham. Sandwell District
    Council have asked SavaCentre Ltd to
    submit a...

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  • Farewell to Clapham 02

    Farewell to Clapham
    SAYING GOODBYE is usually hard to
    do but loyal supporters of Clapham's
    staff association had no difficulties when
    their local section of the SSA held its
    farewell disco-dance to mark its closedown

  • White Christmas in Petts Wood? 02

    White Christmas in Petts Wood?
    JS FREEZER CENTRES are blossoming
    in South East London. Hard on the
    heels of the Eltham centre (opened on
    September 27) comes a new one in Petts
    Wood—opening on December 6. The 201 square...

  • 7-up and out 03

    7-up and out
    THE EXPRESS CHECKOUT experiment,
    conducted over the last three
    months in six stores, has proved successful.
    Although the new scheme is still being
    carefully monitored more stores will be
    introducing the quick...

  • Dating Miss JS 03

    Dating Miss JS
    ONE WAY of prolonging the festive
    season well into the new year is to buy a
    couple of tickets for the SSA's annual
    dinner dance on February 25. The venue
    is the West Centre Hotel, London, and
    the highspot of...

  • Facing the fiery furore 03

    Facing the fiery furore
    THE FIRST DAY ofthe firemen's strike
    rang alarm bells in JS's Blackpole branch.
    The national emergency prompted manager
    David Butolph to arrange an instore
    fire practice, but things didn't go
    quite as...

  • Northern push gets big response 03

    Northern push gets big response We report on the response to
    the JS campaign for more
    sites m the North.
    A FLOOD of letters and phone calls has
    been pouring into the JS estates office in
    reply to last month's advertisement...

  • Swim-in help for Rugby 03

    Swim-in help for Rugby
    provide a guide dog for ex-employee
    Lynda McElroy (reported in October's
    Journal) have borne fruit. An overwhelming
    response to the tale of their efforts has
    enabled them to...

  • All set for the party 04

    All set for the party
    Party Set is that you don't have to use it at
    parties.' So says David Queen, JS hardware
    manager, who is responsible for
    introducing this versatile addition to the

  • Brandy snip 04

    Brandy snip
    CLEVERLY TIMED for Christmas is
    the new own label French brandy which is
    now on sale in JS stores. The beers, wines,
    and spirits department believe this is the
    first own-label brandy on sale in...

  • 'Chantilly' lace, a pretty face 04

    'Chantilly' lace, a pretty face
    sheets, bedspreads, and curtains is the
    latest addition to the JS textiles range. Ten stores have introduced the new
    bedroom accessories which include

  • ... the goose is getting fat! 04

    ... the goose is getting fat!
    THE CHRISTMAS RUSH is only just
    starting in our high streets, but in the
    poultry buying department in Stamford
    House preparations are in full swing for
    keeping stores well stocked with...

  • Cooking lamb the NZ way 05

    Cooking lamb the NZ way
    ANTIPODEAN culinary delights are a
    feature of this new cook book currently
    being sold in all JS stores. It includes a
    good variety of recipes for making the
    best use of your lamb, together with

  • JS wine makes the grade 05

    JS wine makes the grade
    1,600 BOTTLES OF WINE could be an
    alcoholic's daydream or a temperance
    nightmare, but this was the formidable
    quantity of booze that confronted the
    compilers of the 1978 'Good Wine
    Guide'. Covering...

  • Pudding pundits say yes to JS 05

    Pudding pundits say yes to JS
    RECOMMENDED in Good Housekeeping
    magazine is the JS Christmas
    pud. Between mouthfuls of Fortnum and
    Mason's posher pudding and a homemade
    economical pudding, the
    magazine's pudding pundits...

  • Which? value what store where 05

    Which? value what store where
    are cheapest at Sainsbury's, according to
    the latest report on supermarket prices
    by the consumer magazine Which? Over
    the year the report also points...

  • Beer stock shock 06

    Was that one lump or two. Sir'!'
    Beer stock shock
    STOCK ON THE ROCKS isn't a misprint,
    it's the request of John Ugoji of
    Nigeria. Mr Ugoji wrote to the company
    after he had tasted JS stock cubes, given
    to him by a friend...

  • Driving a hard bargain 06

    Driving a hard bargain
    A NEW LOW PRICE for petrol was
    announced by JS last month. The four
    stores with filling stations—Blackpole,
    Lord's Hill, Coldham's Lane and Sutton
    Coldfield, will now sell four star fuel at
    71 p per...

  • Metric bread means bigger loaves 06

    Metric bread means bigger loaves THE LOAF you're used to using will be
    getting bigger next year. No, that doesn't
    mean an increase in brain size, merely
    that the standard loaf of bread is being
    At present, loaves...

  • That's my size, eggsactly 06

    That's my size, eggsactly THE EUROPEAN EGG made its debut
    in JS stores on November 14. In common
    with other major retailers JS introduced
    the new egg sizes to conform with EEC
    The conversion chart (see above)...

  • Tights across the ocean 06

    Tights across
    the ocean
    you think. Bretton branch has even been
    selling JS tights as far afield as Illinois,
    USA. The regular long distance sale is to one
    of JS's most far-flung customers,...

  • That's the wonder of Walsall 07

    That's the wonder of Walsall
    WALSALL RULES OK. At least that's
    what branch manager Peter Purslow
    would have us believe. His store is a
    regular contributor to the JS Journal
    news pages. This month however he supplied
    us with...

  • SHOP THIEF! 08

    The shoplifter tram
    her own bag. To Jo;
    sign and she alerts t
    sfar 1 rs a bottle of wine to
    this is a suspicious
    assistant manager. At the till. The suspect pays for the goods
    wine. When Joan sees that no...

  • Fulfilling an Arctic Role 09

    Fulfilling an Arctic Role
    Just the job
    Our occasional series on some
    of the varied jobs within JS
    visits the coldest spot in
    Charlton depot. A BRACING ATMOSPHERE is all part
    of the job for coldstore chargehand...

  • The half-time story 10

    The half-time story
    JS chairman John
    Sainsbury talks to the
    editor of the JS Journal
    about the background to
    the first half results for
    1977 The chairman on the shopfloor at SavaCentre. Editor: All things considered, our...

  • Ealing's magnificent eleven 11

    Ealing s magnificent eleven NEARLY TWO CENTURIES of service
    to JS were represented when 87
    Ealing said goodbye to 11 long serving
    ladies. At a party in the canteen on
    November 12 the ladies were presented
    with small tokens of...

  • Instant deal means cut-price coffee at JS 11

    Instant deal means cut-price coffee at JS
    INSTANT COFFEE is down in price at
    Sainsbury's. On November 21 'Vendona'
    brand instant coffee went on sale in JS
    stores at only 98p. This compares with the
    low margin price of £1.38...

  • key to success 12

    key to success
    verdict as the SavaCentre computer worked
    out the first day's takings on November
    15. The final total, which included
    takings from the petrol station and the
    restaurant exceeded...

  • ... how it all began 14

    ... how it all began
    Readers of the 'Sunday Express' were
    recently treated to an apocryphal account
    of the formation of SavaCentre.
    Apparently JS and BHS had exactly
    the same idea two years ago and according
    to the story,...

  • The JS connection 14

    The JS connection
    opening morning, SavaCentre's grocery
    manager, Bryn Page was cool, calm, and
    collected. Bryn, who used to manage
    Sainsbury's Camberley branch has found
    his thorough JS training has...

  • The place, the people, and... 14

    The place, the people, and...
    PLAYING HOST to the new SavaCentre
    is a new town with a difference. Although
    Washington's history goes back a long
    way the new town came into existence in
    1964 when the first plans were made.

  • The way to a customer's heart 14

    The way to a customer's heart
    DUCK A L'ORANGE is just one of the
    gastronomic delights the SavaCentre restaurant
    will be serving to its customers.
    And manager David Thompson has
    plenty of mouth watering ideas for making

  • Bachelor confirmed 15

    John Holland
    Bachelor confirmed
    UNDER THE WHITE HAT of refrigeration
    engineer, John Holland, is a
    superbrain trying to get out. John, who
    works at Basingstoke depot, has just
    become a bachelor of science after three

  • Golden final for Bristol ladies 15

    Golden final
    for Bristol ladies THE BULLSEYE BEAUTIES of Bedminster
    branch were on fine form last
    month when they received a silver trophy
    for their prowess at darts.
    The nine strong team had won the
    Watney League (Bristol)...

  • Meet the champ from Bath 15

    Meet the champ from Bath
    DON'T GET THROWN by Bath's Val
    Leach. She's a judo expert, and you might
    end up with a little more than cuts and
    Val, 22, fresh meat assistant at Bath
    branch, has been with JS for four...

  • Our man from Beeston lines up for the Duke 15

    Our man from Beeston lines up for the Duke
    branch, or at least they have been
    since manager John Old and chief clerk
    Mavis Jones were presented to the Duke
    of Edinburgh a few weeks back.


    THERE ARE TIGERS and there are crag-rats. Tigers are
    intrepid mountaineers. Crag-rats are what mountaineers
    call rock climbers who are more acrobatic than intrepid.
    Peter Lappage is a tiger.
    For the past 30 years Peter, who...

  • Your letters 18

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Accidental threesome
    From: W J Bridgman, JS veteran
    When working at the now closed St Albans
    branch, I had occasion to descend to
    the basement warehouse...

  • JS carries Scotch to the Scottish 19

    JS carries Scotch to the Scottish
    packets' wrote a customer recently.
    Nothing unusual in that. Every day head
    office gets dozens of letters from people
    saying they love, like or loathe, this,...

  • Poetry of motion pictures 19

    Poetry of motion pictures
    ONE MAN'S MEAT is another man's
    advert, or that's how it seemed when a
    film crew invaded the fresh meat preparation
    room in Wood Green branch. The
    cameramen were there to make one of the

  • The Fathers collection 19

    The Fathers collection
    TROOPING THE COLOUR only happens
    once a year for the Queen, but Cyril
    Fathers can set one up whenever he pleases.
    Cyril, warehouse serviceman at Redhill
    branch, has 585 carefully painted
    model soldiers...

  • Appointments 20

    D Silverman, formerly deputy manager of
    Upminster, has been appointed manager
    following the recent retirement of J
    H Bruton, formerly deputy manager of
    Basingstoke, has been appointed manager

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Bob Warner, grocery manager, Basingstoke
    depot, celebrated 40 years with the
    company on October 25.
    Mr Warner started as a salesman at
    North End Road,Fulham, transferring to
    Battersea, 147 Balham and 67...

  • A watch in time... 21

    A watch in time...
    MISSING the 25 club dinner on October
    10 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London,
    was disappointing enough for Laurence
    Turney, manager at Colchester, but staying
    at home nursing an illness and not a

  • Obituary 21

    Edna Spencer, part-time cashier, Leicester,
    died on September 29. Prior to her
    death she had been ill for nine months.
    Mrs Spencer had been with the company
    for 12 years all of which had been
    spent at the one...

  • Retirements 21

    Gordon Kensett, an engineer at Woking
    area office, retired on September 17 after
    31 years with the company.
    Mr Kensett started at JS as an electrical
    engineer at Union Street. Later he transferred
    to the branch...

  • From meat . . . to Wurst 22

    From meat . . . to Wurst
    NO BED OF ROSES' is how T G 'Pete'
    Cima describes his career with JS. Pete,
    delicatessen specialist at Blackfriars, retired
    on November 11 after 41 years with
    the company, and left amid the...

  • George plans American spring 22

    George plans American spring
    THE HUMAN TOUCH is the secret of
    successful retailing, according to produce
    manager George Martin, who retired on
    November 4. George has been giving JS
    customers his own brand of personal

  • Eddie's full life on the open road 23

    Eddie's full life on the open road
    'TIME HAS FLOWN' says Basingstoke
    driver, Eddie Duncan, who retired on
    November 4 after a grand total of 48
    years with the company.
    Eddie joined Sainsbury's when he was
    16 and worked in the...

  • SavaCentre closes Bill's career 23

    SavaCentre closes Bill's career
    of Bill Ponter's plans for his retirement on
    November 4. But he won't be freezing on
    the pebbles at Brighton. He and his
    wife Alice will be soaking up the sun...


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    More conflicting evidence on the triangular mystery object published
    in the October issue of the Journal. Mrs Fowler, an octogenarian
    customer at Leamington Spa, told the branch that the dishes
    contained hors...