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    Working for nothing: page 11
    Salt of the earth: pages 8-10
    Strictly for the birds: pages 14-15
    Finger-chip control: page 6-7

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  • Final moves 02

    Final moves
    complete. The last JS staff at the
    Clapham office moved to Blackfriars
    at the end of 1978. Now in the process
    of settling in, over 160 people from
    the engineers and...

  • Old Swan swims in view 02

    Old Swan swims in view
    LOOK OUT SCOUSERS, SavaCentre's
    on the way! Liverpool shoppers could
    soon be using a SavaCentre hypermarket
    if a recent planning application by the
    joint JS/BHS company gets the go ahead.
    The £5...

  • Terry trains a winner 02

    Terry trains a winner
    boxer trained by Terry Toole of Charlton
    depot? We featured them in the August
    issue, and we've just heard that Colin has
    regained his British light welterweight
    title. This...

  • Third time lucky 02

    Third time lucky
    THE DISRUPTIONS of the past few
    weeks caused the senior management
    conference to be called off for a second
    The conference was due to take place at
    Eastbourne on January 14/15.1 n the light
    of the...

  • Clubhouse realises a dream 03

    Clubhouse realises a dream
    looking good. With a possible completion
    date before Easter, the depot is
    looking forward to a grand official opening
    soon afterwards. Work is now going
    ahead on the...

  • News in Brief 03

    News in Brief
    near Burnt Oak in Edgware, Middlesex,
    will soon have a JS Freezer Centre on
    their doorstep. On February 27 the company
    is opening a new Centre at 153
    Burnt Oak Broadway.
    Edwin Hughes...

  • Above the law 04

    Above the law
    Nuneaton branch is one of them.
    Sainsbury's was one of eight stores in
    Nuneaton and Bedworth who were judged
    by the council's health inspectors to
    be worthy of a special award for...

  • 'Bigger labels' predicts Keith 04

    PREDICTIONS of bigger food packaging
    labels were made recently by Keith
    Brackenborough, JS packaging coordinator.
    Keith was invited to speak at a luncheon
    organised by a firm called Dolphin
    Labels on the topic of JS...

  • Dim the lights 04

    Dim the lights
    moods with two new dimmer switches
    that'll be in 54 JS stores by the end of the
    month. Controlling one or two lights, the
    electronic dimmers are designed to fit into
    a standard light...

  • Run, don't ride! 04

    transport proved yet again, perhaps some
    of us should follow the example of David
    Simpson from the discount department in
    Stamford House.
    David has been running the seven and a
    half miles from...

  • Barnet scheme gets go ahead 05

    Barnet scheme gets go ahead
    GOOD NEWS for shoppers in New Barnet, northwest London, as outline planning
    permission has been granted for a new JS supermarket on East Barnet Road. With a
    sales area of 2052 square metres (22,088...

  • Dem bones, dem ... hot bones 05

    Dem bones, dem ... hot bones
    A NEW PROCESS for boning beef
    carcasses has been developed by JS researchers.
    Called 'hot-boning', the process
    involves removing the meat from the
    carcass while it is still warm, vacuum

  • In a Worle! 05

    In a Worle!
    STEPPING UP the orders for safety
    shoes is Worle branch who have ordered
    nearly £400 worth during the past couple
    of months. 'The shoes are such good
    value' says BPO Barbara Baines 'and
    everyone says how...

  • New PA for chairman 05

    New PA for chairman
    STEPHEN CHAPMAN is to succeed
    Martin Whitty as chairman John
    Sainsbury's personal assistant. Martin
    will be joining the supply control department
    at Blackfriars in May, when he
    completes his term of duty...

  • One into five 'Easy Pints' 05

    One into five 'Easy Pints'
    FOR THOSE AWKWARD mornings
    when the milkman hasn't come and
    you're dying for your cornflakes, why not
    stock up with JS's new instant milk
    product—'Easy Pints'. Each pack will
    make five pints of...

  • Chip chat 06

    COMPUTERS have been with us for a
    long time, but for many people they still
    remain slightly worrying things—
    casting shadows of 'Big Brother', or
    HAL' the mad computer in Stanley
    Kubrick's film 2001. Yet basically

  • A salt-mine of information 08

    A salt-mine of information
    IN THE SPRING the company is to
    open its first branch in Northwich,
    Cheshire, on land that was once the
    site of the Baron's Quay Rock Salt
    Mine. When the consultant
    architects began asking for...

  • Working for love not money 11

    WORKING FOR FREE on a Saturday
    night is one of the ways staff at Forest Hill
    branch are raising money for charity.
    They have given themselves one month
    (starting January 20) to raise as much
    cash as they can towards the cost...

  • JS kitchen tinware takes the biscuit! 12

    DULL KITCHENS ARE OUT and JS kitchen tinware is
    definitely in! The company has established a very high
    respect in the world of supermarkets and multiple stores
    for its originality and initiative in the domestic hardware

  • Flights of fancy 14

    'IT USED TO BE a real cloth-cap and muffler sport, but now there's a lot of money
    floating around' says Barry Odom about his favourite sport—pigeon racing. Barry's the
    meat manager at Burton-on-Trent and he's got well over a...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Token of disrespect
    From: R E Shrubsole, supply control,
    As an employee, customer and shareholder
    of the company, may I register...

  • Taking the roughage with the smooth 17

    Taking the roughage with the smooth
    'I EAT your Swiss style every day' wrote a
    customer 'because it is interesting, palatable
    and scarifies the bowels. But last
    Wednesday I almost wrecked my crumbling
    tooth on the attached...

  • One-man show 18

    One-man show
    Talented artist Jim Woods, a JS veteran,
    is this month displaying a selection of his recent
    paintings during a one-man exhibition
    at Sutton library. AN EXHIBITION of a variety of Jim's
    paintings, mostly...

  • Bill celebrates forty-four years 19

    Bill celebrates
    forty-four years
    44 years ago Bill Heron joined the staff at
    his local Sainsbury's store in Folkestone.
    T saw an advertisement outside the shop
    and decided that to join JS would...

  • Joyce turns winter into spring! 19

    been won by Joyce Day, chief cashier at
    Basildon branch. She has only ever travelled
    as far as Jersey before but this trip
    will take her and her husband, James, up,
    up, and away to Australia and...

  • A 'walk' before lunch... 20

    A 'walk' before lunch...
    the guest of honour at a lunch that sixteen
    lucky people from JS will be
    The lunch, which is being held at
    London's Grosvenor House Hotel on
    April 25, is the...

  • Appointments 20

    E Davies, formerly manager of Cwmbran
    branch, has been appointed manager of
    P Cox, formerly deputy manager of
    Woking branch, has been appointed
    manager of Cwmbran.
    J Jennings, formerly manager of...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    James Gardner, meat manager al
    Churchill Square, Brighton, celebrated
    25 years with the company on January 25.
    James—better known to his friends as
    Old Jim—started at JS's Eastbourne
    branch when meat was...

  • Retirements 20

    Kit Francis, chief clerk at Romford
    branch, retired on January 6 after 22
    years with the company.
    Mrs Francis joined the firm at the
    Colliers Row shop as a packer-weigher in
    the bacon department. She became...

  • Camberley backs a winner 21

    Camberley backs a winner
    WAGES hung in the
    balance until she agreed to
    become a contender for the
    Miss JS Southern title.
    'When I went to collect my
    money' says Gay, who is a
    student worker at

  • Home sweet home! 21

    Home sweet home!
    'I WAS IN AND OUT of various 'omes,
    went into Stamford House, a big remand
    'ome down our way in London, escaped
    from there a couple of times . . .'
    'Does this make us all delinquents?'
    asks Trevor Faull, who...

  • IRIS blossoms 21

    IRIS blossoms
    IRIS's best friends, Roger Darby, Chris Hobbs, John Evans and Lesley Klecha. THE MOST MODERN computer system
    at JS will very shortly allow easy
    access to an enormous bank of data
    regarding all goods issued to...

  • Map reference 21

    Map reference
    'PORING over an atlas with my two
    favourite small boys' recounted journalist
    Veronica Papworth in a recent copy
    of the Sunday Express 'I embarked on a
    geography lesson.'
    She continued by explaining how she

  • Mademoiselle Monique 22

    Mademoiselle Monique
    CHIC, petite 17-year-old Monique Farrugia is to represent the office section at this
    year's Miss JS finals.
    Born in Nice of French parents., dark-haired, dark-eyed Monique was about twoand-
    a-half when...

  • Pastures new... 22

    'IT'S A CHALLENGE!' That's how
    Doug Bramham feels about retirement
    after nearly 43 years with JS. 'There are so
    many things I want to do, and so much I
    haven't had time to become involved with
    before, that I am looking...

  • Depot's special delivery 23

    Depot's special delivery
    FOND MEMORIES of a JS depot have
    been discovered in a boys' school that is
    now to be found on Hayling Island. Run
    by a team of nuns, the boarding school
    houses 50 mentally handicapped children

  • Folkestone first and last 23

    After 42 years Ted Smith sees the end of an era
    Folkestone first and last 'ON MY FIRST DAY I thought I was
    going to get the sack!' Ted Smith did not
    get fired from JS though and is celebrating
    his retirement next month after...

  • A spanner in the works! 24

    IN 1940 the 'garage staff crazy gang'
    produced a two-hour show in answer to
    the first efforts of the newly-formed JS
    Amateur Dramatic Society—a little
    friendly rivalry between office and
    garage staffs! There were three...

  • Children's favourites 24

    Children's favourites
    SIXTY CHILDREN invaded Sutton Coldfield branch and
    after the invasion two of them sat still long enough to compose
    the following poem:
    Thankyoujor our party on Sunday
    It really was a fun day.
    The music...

  • England expects... 24

    'SOMETHING very strange is happening
    in our shop' says Rosaleen Palmer.
    'Everyone seems to be pregnant.'
    Rosaleen works at Islington branch
    and she tells us: 'Two girls have just left to
    have babies, three more are expecting...

  • The big ones' 24

    The big ones'
    IT WASN'T A LADDER it was 'the big
    ones' outside Stockwell branch with its
    show of turkeys, photographed in 1937
    and featured in the Christmas issue.
    JS veteran Leslie Price, kindly put the
    archives straight...