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  • A family occasion 02

    A family occasion
    A PROUD MOMENT for chairman John Sainsbury after receiving his knighthood
    from the Queen at Buckingham Palace, on March 4.
    The investiture was a family occasion, and Sir John is pictured here with his wife Any...

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    Women in Management
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    Olympic Swimmer
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  • JS man is new SavaCentre chief 02

    JS man is new SavaCentre chief
    JS CHIEF ENGINEER George Lloyd
    has now been appointed chief engineer
    of SavaCentre, the jointly owned
    hypermarket venture of JS and British
    Home Stores.
    George will be responsible...

  • No roasting for JS 02

    No roasting for JS
    THE HOT POTATO issue raised by
    JS's advert which stated why we do not
    sell the most widely grown variety of
    potato in Britain, the Pentland Crown,
    has been examined by the Advertising

  • Them and US 02

    Them and US
    MOVING STATESIDE is understood
    to be the latest plan of the Tesco group
    of supermarkets.
    They are thought to be looking for a
    US grocery retailer with up to 100
    outlets of 50,000 square feet each and
    close to...

  • JS takes the stage at Sadler's Wells 03

    JS takes the stage at Sadler's Wells
    TOP JOURNALISTS and broadcasters
    were the guests of JS at a number of
    'press nights', held at the Sadler's Wells
    theatre during the recent London season
    of the Sadler's Wells Royal...

  • NZ deputy PM pays a visit 03

    NZ deputy PM pays a visit
    Zealand Brian Tallboys stopped off at
    JS during his recent flying visit to
    Britain. Mr Tallboys was on his way to
    important talks in Brussels, but he
    found time to visit...

  • Veterans outgrow venue 03

    Veterans outgrow venue
    JS VETERANS have outgrown all the
    possible venues for their annual get together
    so this year the event is being held
    on two days. All those coming by coach
    who live north of the river Thames and

  • Get up and at 'em! 04

    Get up and at 'em!
    here are a couple of new JS own-label
    cereals that could make you change your
    Crunchy Oat Cereal is a must for
    those who wave the wholefood banner.
    It's made from natural...

  • 'I'm just mad about Saffron' 05

    'I'm just mad about Saffron'
    has been added to the range of JS ownlabel
    savoury rices. Savoury Saffron
    Rice is now in store in a distinctive new
    packaging design which will shortly also
    be adopted by...

  • Trip go through the tulips 05

    Trip go through
    the tulips
    'FANTASTIC VALUE' was the common
    remark made by over 100 happy
    SSA weekend trippers to Amsterdam
    earlier this month.
    Pleasant spring weather, a lovely interesting
    city and a centrally located...

  • Life or death donation 06

    Life or death donation
    SOME 3,600 PEOPLE DIE every year
    in the British Isles from terminal renal
    failure, and they die, not because
    treatment is unknown, but because no
    treatment is available.
    When the cheese department...

  • Tied to the job 06

    Tied to the job
    DURING THE COURSE of his daily
    shredding duties an unfortunate
    accident befell Graham Bonsey, PA to
    departmental director Dennis Males.
    His tie got shredded!
    'Someone told me that the bag on the
    machine was...

  • Match of the day 07

    Match of the day
    first division Crystal Palace recently,
    thanks to the efforts of Ray Hall who
    works at Buntingford depot.
    Ray is employee services administrator
    at the depot but in his spare...

  • Metric tea at no extra cost 07

    Metric tea at no extra cost
    DON'T PANIC over the news that this
    year will see the end of another imperial
    era — that of tea being sold in imperial
    The benefit falls to the consumer, for
    although going metric will...

  • School outing goes behind the scenes 07

    School outing goes behind the scenes
    A PARTY OF SCHOOL CHILDREN so enjoyed their look behind
    the scenes at Purley branch they all wrote the most
    delightfully illustrated thanks notes.

  • Women at the top 08

    The role of women in the business world has
    changed dramatically in recent years. Now as we
    enter the Eighties—a new decade when we can
    confidently expect to encounter many more
    changes in every way—are women taking up...

  • . . . and the rest 11

    . . . and the rest
    have recently been made by some of JS's
    high street competitors.
    The Associated British Foods supermarket
    chain, Fine Fare, have purchased 52 small Pricerite shops...

  • Plymouth ho! 11

    Plymouth ho!
    A MULTI-MILLION pound hotel and
    shop development is to be built in the
    centre of Plymouth. It will feature a
    large- JS supermarket and other unit
    shops, topped by a Hilton hotel and a
    car park for 600...

  • Property page 11

    Journal this month the birth of a new
    SavaCentre took place.
    On March 18, Basildon in Essex became
    the proud location of this important
    development which almost doubles
    the size of the existing...

  • Saint and dinner! 11

    Saint and dinner!
    SAINT JOHN made way for Sir John at
    Walthamstow a few weeks ago. The former
    Saint John Ambulance Brigade
    headquarters in Linden Road was demolished
    in order to clear the site ready
    for work to start on a...

  • Stronger link 11

    Stronger link
    Surbiton is being strengthened by JS this
    month. On March 25 a new supermarket
    opens to replace its smaller predecessor
    also in Victoria Road.
    JS first opened a counter service

  • An evening of wine, women and song at West Centre 12

    BATH OVERFLOWED with victorious
    cheers when 16-year-old Dawn Harper
    was voted Miss Sainsbury 1980, at the
    SSA's annual dinner dance, held on
    February 23 at the West Centre Hotel in
    Dawn is a weekend student at...

  • Olympic Swimmer 14

    OLYMPIC swimmer Tony Stickjitndfe
    no ordinary swimrher and'"'t, the
    Olympics he is competingiin are no
    (Ordinary 0 jyrnpics.
    Tjony, who is a Jjutcbet at Poote
    branch, has bnlf CMie led and he 8
    representing Great Srifain...

  • 'Funny Money' raises £10,000 16

    'Funny Money'
    raises £10,000
    ENOUGH MONEY to buy 200
    medibikes was raised by the joint
    JS/ Woman's Own 'Funny Money'
    appeal which ran at the branches for five
    weeks last autumn, in aid of 'Together
    for Children'.

  • Jarring note 16

    Jarring note
    LIGHT FINGERS have been
    interfering with the efforts of members
    of the retail personnel department and
    SSA office at Stamford House.
    For some time now they have been
    regularly filling a jar with coppers...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Out-store bakeries
    From: D Parker, Blackfriars
    In the light of the company's growing
    success with in-store bakeries, has
    anyone ever considered opening...

  • Texas rangers 17

    Texas rangers
    The Thomas More team with their manager Mack Farquhar ST THOMAS MORE FC under 13's
    team is playing an away game that will
    see Charlton driver John Woods and his
    son Sean spending Easter in Dallas,

  • Family Day going according to plan 18

  • JS completes perfection 18

  • Houseperson! 19

    RETIREMENT is the subject of much
    discussion — and of yet another letter
    to the Journal. The letter was from Mick
    Kernaghan in the motor engineers'
    department at Buntungford depot and
    recommended an ode to...

  • Starting afresh 19

  • Appointments 20

    G W Skipper, formerly senior merchandiser,
    branch merchandising department,
    has been appointed deputy
    manager, branch planning services.
    A M Branson, formerly financial analyst
    distribution, has been...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Jeff Saunders, assistant meat manager at
    Kempston, this month celebrates 40
    years with JS.
    He began his career at 13/15 Stamford
    Street as a tradesman and transferred to
    Bedford in 1940. He went into the...

  • Obituary 20

    Gordon Maxwell died on February 24
    after several months' illness. He joined
    the company 19 years ago, initially to
    sell advertising space in Sainsbury's
    Family Magazine. More recently he was
    a well-known figure...

  • Retirements 20

    Grace Goodley, security officer in the
    Romford area, has retired after 24 years
    with the company.
    Grace joined Collier Row until the
    Harold Hill branch opened. There she
    worked in various departments until

  • 'Digging at dawn!' 21

    'Digging at dawn!'
    A COMPLETE CIRCLE was made by
    Jim Gower, meat manager at Rye Lane
    Peckham, when he retired on January 7.
    During his 43 years at JS Jim moved
    around to various branches in south east
    London. His very first...

  • Family man at home 22

    Family man at home
    'I LIKE PEOPLE and I've met some
    lovely people during my 42 years with
    the firm' says George Bradburn, who
    retired on March 8, as reception manager
    at Dunstable branch.
    He met some 'lovely people'...

  • Retirement bowls Phil over 23

    Retirement bowls Phil over
    'I'LL NEVER FORGET the opening
    day of Hayward's Heath branch because
    that was my first day at JS' remembers
    Owen 'Phil' Phillips, ex-manager of
    Oxted. 'With my 45 years' service
    completed before I...

  • All that glitters... 24

    All that glitters... GOLDEN GUINEAS, minted between
    1787 and 1800 during the reign of
    George III, were the model for one of
    the items most frequently sent to the
    archives for identification—a trade