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    40 year luncheon
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    Energy slogan competition
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    Take a trip—SSA holidays 1985
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    Keeping an eye on potatoes
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    New Products
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    Committees on the agenda —decision making at JS...

  • Quarterly SSA draw 02

    Quarterly SSA draw
    THE SIX monthly draw for
    £1000, held by the SSA for its
    members, has now doubled the
    money and doubled the chances
    of winning. There will be four
    draws every year for £1,000 each.
    The draw dates are now...

  • Record sales over Christmas 02

    Record sales over Christmas
    Chairman, Sir John Sainsbury, announced
    after Christmas that the company had
    achieved record sales over Christmas.
    He commended all staff in a letter which
    was sent to each location. The...

  • Royal visit 02

    Basingstoke branch was honoured with a
    royal visit when His Royal Highness, the
    Duke of Gloucester, briefly toured the store on
    November 29.
    The official visit to the town began at the Civic
    Offices and was followed by a tour...

  • Savings related share option scheme 02

    The invitation to JS
    employees in November,
    1984, to save under the
    savings related share
    option scheme, has
    resulted in a record
    number of applications.
    More than 4,200 staff
    entered into a five year
    savings contract....

  • Bath in bloom 03

    Bath in bloom
    branch has won Sainsbury's
    second prize in the Britain in
    Bloom competition. Manager
    Sean Whyte, received the
    certificate from Bath City Council last December. The
    certificate was...

  • Nutritional labelling at Salisbury's 03

    Nutritional labelling at Salisbury's
    WITH THE aim of presenting
    useful and informative data in a
    straightforward way to the
    customer, JS has formalised its
    approach to own brand nutritional
    The move was made...

  • Property 03

    PLANS FOR a new supermarket
    to be built in Selly Oak, Birmingham,
    have been approved by the
    city's planning committee. The
    55,000 sq ft branch is expected to
    create 300 jobs. Plans include a
    300 space car...

  • 40 year luncheon 04

    40 year luncheon
    deter staff and their partners
    from attending the eighth Forty
    Year luncheon held in Stamford
    House on January 7.
    All who were invited agreed
    it was a special event that...

  • Say, how do we save energy? 04

    Say, how do we save energy?
    EVERYBODY'S doing it... saving energy, that is. The article Talking about Energy' in the
    December JSJ came about because of the current efforts to achieve energy conservation. As the Secretary of...


    Switch on the television at the moment and invariably
    Judith Chalmers will tantalise the tourist in us with a
    taste of sandy beaches in sunnier climes. Tired of
    listening to wicked weather reports while...

  • Everything you wanted to know about potatoes . . . . . but were afraid to ask 06

    ' . . . These potatoes may be the most delicate roots
    that may be eaten...' wrote John Sparke in 1587
    when he came across the potato on a West Indian
    Since its discovery, the potato has played a major
    role in the lives...

  • Chews to choose 08

    Chews to choose
    Nougat Pieces contain
    almonds and cherries—a real
    fruit and nut nibble. At 65p
    (200g), the contents of this
    sweetie bag will go down a treat.
    For a smoother chew, Dairy
    Fudge is just the thing. They...

  • Egg-cellent fresh pasta 08

    Egg-cellent fresh pasta
    Have a Roman holiday from the kitchen by serving
    one of the range ol Sainsbury's Fresh Egg
    Pastas. Convenient and easy to cook, a hill, rich
    flavour is given by the fresh egg content—yet it
    will keep...

  • Select scampi 08

    Select scampi SERVE UP a golden treat with
    Breaded Scampi, the latest addition
    to the successful Selected
    Seafood range.
    Enough for two servings, this
    comprises whole scampi tails in a
    light crispy breadcrumb. Deep
    fry and...

  • Smashing crockery 08

    Smashing crockery
    FOR PERFECT place settings,
    Sainsbury's has three new tasteful
    tableware ranges.
    All three designs are underglazed
    for greater protection so
    they are not only hardwearing
    but also oven,...

  • The tooth of the matter 08

    The tooth of the matter
    GETTING RIGHT to the root of
    teeth problems is Sainsbury's Oral
    Health Toothpaste—anti-plaque
    formula with fluoride. It has been
    specially formulated to control
    the build up of dental plaque

  • Vintage blends 08

    Vintage blends
    OUT IN TIME for the toasting of
    Valentines, are two new Vintage
    Selection wines.
    Leiwener Klostergarten Riesling
    Auslese is an estate bottled
    wine produced from carefully
    selected grapes. The village...

  • A meeting with the committees 09

    A meeting with the committees
    JS IS NOW reported as being the eleventh
    largest company in the UK in terms of its
    market capitalisation. The company
    employs more than 60,000 people and sells
    over 100 million items every week....


    RUSHING HOME from shopping, late for
    picking the children up from school, or
    dashing in from work only to dash out a few
    minutes later to the theatre are a few of the
    many situations when canned...

  • ASDA results 12

    ASDA results
    Asda is the main subsidiary, produced some
    fairly disappointing figures for its half year to
    November 10, 1984. Profit before tax
    increased by 10.3 per cent to £53.7 million...

  • Cadbury's ascends the bar charts 12

    Cadbury's ascends the bar charts
    WISPA, the new chocolate bar
    from Cadburys, is having a far
    from hushed reception with the
    British public. Launched with an
    advertising campaign costing £6
    million, Wispa is having a...

  • Cullen's auction concludes 12

    Cullen's auction concludes
    TAKEOVER MANIA on the food
    retailing scene has recently
    reached new heights in the form
    of the feverish scramble for
    Cullen's Stores. Three groups
    appeared on the stage to fire off
    bids and...

  • GLC trucks on with ban 12

    GLC trucks on with ban
    THE GLC'S proposed night time
    ban on heavy lorries in London
    has taken a further step forward
    with the GLC's announcement
    that they will not hold a public
    inquiry into the scheme. The
    council supports...

  • More tea everyone? 12

    More tea everyone?
    We are still a nation of tea drinkers according to the Tea Council!
    And this despite a sharp rise in prices in 1984.
    The council's 1983-84 annual report, recently published, shows
    that British tea...

  • Dairy disputes 13

    Dairy disputes
    MENTION OF the dairy industry
    normally conjures up peaceful
    images such as herds of friesians
    placidly munching and milk floats
    whirring along streets in the early
    morning. Unfortunately at the
    moment, these...

  • A leisurely dash for Kathleen 14

    A leisurely dash for Kathleen
    A SHOPPING DASH around
    Canterbury store on December
    18 was a very timely first prize
    awarded to Kathleen Wolley, a
    local pensioner, after taking part
    in the Canterbury centre draw.
    The grab...

  • Cold for Coldham's 14

    Cold for Coldham's
    IT WAS cold, foggy and wet' says
    Letchworth manager, Bob Gosling
    of the 30 mile sponsored
    walk undertaken by 18 members
    of the branch on November 18. 'It
    was organised by Jackie Beavis,
    chief display...

  • Come on down 14

    Come on down
    KATH O'DELL, skilled bakery
    assistant at Kettering, will be
    coming on down on February 9,
    when she will appear on The
    Price is Right.'
    Members of staff from Kettering,
    Corby and Wellingborough
    went to Central...

  • Head for business 14

    Head for business
    AN ESSAY on 'The importance
    of co-operation in buyer/seller
    relationships' has won Linda
    Allison Alexander, assistant
    manager at New Barnet, a special
    merit award from the Institute of
    Purchasing and...

  • Super fit superstars 14

    Super fit superstars
    Following months of sit ups, side hops and
    other such mind boggling exercises, head
    office superstars were awarded well
    deserved shields and certificates on
    December 2 1 .
    Divided into two age groups,...

  • The Sainsbury's Southport singers 14

    The Sainsbury's Southport singers
    and clear at the entrance to
    Southport branch on the evenings
    of December 12, 13 and 14,
    when staff took it upon themselves
    to serenade customers on
    their way in and...

  • Competition of clubs 15

    Competition of clubs
    IN FULL swing, Uxbridge Area
    Golf Society (UAGS) birdied
    and eagled their way round
    Sudbury golf-course in October.
    The challenging course hailed
    Stuart Rivett, branch display, as
    the overall...

  • Just the ticket to stock up 15

    Just the ticket to stock up
    Wearing sequins
    and smiles,
    members of
    Tamworth branch
    dressed up recently
    to sell raffle tickets
    for a good cause.
    £400 was raised
    for the children's
    charities and the
    lucky winner of...

  • Mystery and suspense 15

    Mystery and suspense
    A NIGHT to remember was
    October 31,1984, for Barkingside
    supermarket assistants Karen
    Cutmore and Denise Watts. The
    two ladies spent a haunting night
    in St Mary's Cemetary, Chigwell,
    in aid of...

  • Worcester branch 15

    Sponsored walks, raffles, a knit-in and tombola enabled
    Worcester branch to raise enough cash to buy and train a fourlegged
    friend for a blind person.
    Organised by Maggie Marter (part-time supermarket assistant),
    staff from...

  • JS flies to the rescue 16

    JS flies to the rescue
    SAINSBURY'S GAVE children
    in York a happy Christmas when
    they prevented the curtain
    coming down on a local production
    of Sinbad the Sailor.
    The flying carpet was almost
    grounded when York...

  • Kicking up funds 16

    Kicking up funds
    BEDFORD BRANCH were on
    the ball when they took on an
    ex-Luton Town 11 on November
    Not just a game, the friendly
    fixture was in aid of the NSPCC.
    Organised by Frank McGurk,
    senior meat trades assistant,...

  • MR JS? 16

    Has there been a secret
    alternative Miss JS
    competition held in the
    North West at Prestwich7
    Was deputy office
    manager, Mark Riley the
    winner as pictured here?
    The truth of the matter
    is that management staff
    (below) at...


    John Potter, a very worried six year old recently wrote the following
    letter to the Kentish Gazette airing his views on the design of the
    Canterbury store.

  • Walking for the children 16

    Walking for the children
    and Hampshire, hurricanes
    hardly 'hever' happen but from
    Hastings to Hailsham NSPCC
    sponsored walks do.
    The distance between both
    towns of 20 miles was covered
    by Hastings...

  • Gaining from loss 17

    Gaining from loss
    IF EVERYONE sees a lot less of
    Nick Pothecary it will be very
    good news for some.
    Nick, an electrical design
    engineer at head office, who has
    been with JS for seven years,
    decided that at 28 stone he had...

  • Quick change on the whirly wheel 17

    Quick change on the whirly wheel
    Noel Edmonds' 'Late Late
    Breakfast Show' on BBC1
    brought fame to Tim Stanger,
    POS team. Homebase head office
    on October 27.
    'I applied to be on the whirly
    wheel in the...


    JS is top with the
    tots—at least for
    the children of
    Bradshaw Nursery
    The group of
    under-fIves were
    doing a project on
    shopping and what
    better place to
    glean information
    than from...

  • Getting the point 18

    Getting the point
    THE CASE of the missing netball
    has so baffled staff over the last
    few months, entries for the Spot
    the Ball Competition (,/S/Nov 84)
    have been rolling in, thick and
    fast, with fascinating suggestions

  • Prize crossword 18

    Prize crossword
    PUT ON YOUR crossword caps!
    Send all completed entries (photocopy or original) to the JS Journal, J
    Sainsbury pic, 4th floor, 115 Southwark Street, London SE1 9LL.
    The first three correct entries pulled from a...

  • They've got the answers 18

    They've got the answers
    GOING TO the top of the form
    recently was a team of know-alls
    from Northwich branch.
    Representing JS, bakery manager
    Kevin Caddick, management
    trainee Tim Millington and
    two non-JS swots...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the
    From: George Lovett, area
    engineering manager, Woking
    area office.
    When Charlie Yearley of the
    engineering department at
    Woking area office,...

  • Homebase appointments 19

    Homebase appointments
    Colin Piers, formerly senior
    departmental manager at Croydon,
    has been appointed manager
    of Hendon.
    Graham Ramsden, formerly
    manager at Willesden, has been
    appointed manager of Croydon.

  • Long service 19

    Long service
    Stan Sandford, manager at
    Redhill, has completed 40 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company as a
    junior salesman at Eastbourne
    and two years later was made
    salesman. In 1952, Stan transferred
    to another...

  • Obituary 19

    Roger Downer, IPD management
    services at Blackfriars, died
    suddenly on December 12. aged
    He had been with the company
    for one year.
    Bill Collins, cleaner foreman
    at Basingstoke depot, died after a

  • Retirements 19

    Arthur 'Inky' Inkersole, motor
    vehicle technician at Charlton
    depot, has retired after 32 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at the
    Sail Street car centre and moved
    to Charlton depot on its...

  • A moving time in company history 20

    A moving time in company history Top: Full steam ahead at the Depository.
    Middle: Moving by post.
    Left: An original letterhead.
    Right: JS in the world of fashion. DOOR-TO-DOOR delivery was a
    m •common feature of retail...