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    Self-Service begins at Southampton
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    The Coppen Story
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    In Spite of the Weather
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    Pot Luck
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    Planning for Freedom
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    Supper Time
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    Cricket Finals 1954
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    Area Cricket Finals...

  • J.S. Self-Service begins at Southampton 03

    This photograph was taken from the office end of the shop adjacent to the " annexe," looking towards the all-glass front (this picture was taken at night). On the left can be seen three of a group of five open-top refrigerated...

  • The Latest and Largest 05

    IT would perhaps have been appropriate to smash a bottle of champagne over the entrance of our new self-service store at Southampton, but even though this formality was dispensed with, the launching of J.S.'s biggest to date...

  • The Coppen Story 10

    Richmond Branch, Christmas, 1899. The gentleman in white on the right of the picture is Mr. G. S. Coppenyoungest son of the Founder, Mr. J. D. Coppen. ON a Saturday, November 15th, 1856, John David Coppen and his wife opened...

  • In Spite of the Weather 13

    Mr. J. B. Sainsbury looks round the horticultural show with Mr. Bastie and (left) Mr. Younger. The Annual Horticultural Show for 1954 produced a very good number of entries despite the cold, wet and, for gardeners, very...

  • Pot Luck 18

    FEB. 29TH, 1788. . . . Mr. Taswell sent early to me this morning that he would take a Family Dinner with us to day and desired us to send to Mr. Custance that they might not wait dinner for him. He went from Weston House early...

  • Planning for Freedom 19

    Every day from the Aberdeenshire district, which produces the best flavoured beef in the world, cattle are specially selected for our branches. Here sides are seen hanging prior to being quartered. Mr. W. M. Jus ticj writes...

  • Supper Time 29

    From Italy came this recipe which is tasty, cheap and wonderfully filling ; just what's needed to cheer you up after the rigours of our English summer Take four stale bread rolls. Cut small cap off top and remove all the...

  • Cricket Finals 1954 30

    George Taylor, captain of Q section, and W. Gell go out to open for Kitchens. They opened so successfully that when Taylor's wicket fell at 222 the Kitchens declared. Taylor made 106 and Gell 101 not out. Y section...

  • Chlorella Food of the Future? 35

    At the opening of the twentieth century the population of the world was about 1,600 millions. By 1950 this population had grown to about 2,500 millions. If the increase continues at the same rate there will be in 1980 some...

  • Haverhill comes to town 41

    T& Haverhill visitors to Dulwich on August 29th. Scorer for Haverhill was Mr. H. E. Millidge {left) seen here with Mr. B. Marshall, Griffin scorer. The Haverhill team: Back row, left to right: Messrs. W. Mayes, J. Betts, ...

  • Tennis Finals 1954 44

    Winner of the Gent's Singles Tennis Championship was Mr. H. Woolley of V. section. In our picture Mr. Woolley is getting a certain amount of good-natured chipping about a black eye which perhaps explains his reluctance to...

  • Bowls 46

    ABOVE. Left to right: G. Simey(Kitchens), H. Batchelor (Brighton) and {kneeling) L. Baitup, Bowls Section secretary. To the rear, W. McQuillan {Kitchens), G. Carter (Garage), R. Wells and C. Johnson, both of Brighton. ...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 48

    WE are pleased to record the following promotions:
    l i . Mant
    !•'. H. Poison
    L. H. Parker
    W. Holloway
    P. T. Morgan
    J. II, Smith
    The following transfers
    L. Wrench
    P. A....

  • Congratulations 49

    CONGRATULATIONS To Mrs. L. Swift, First Clerk, Purley, who
    has completed twenty-five years' service with the Firm.

  • Marriage 49

    Our very best wishes for their future happiness to the following staff on the occasion
    of their marriage :—
    Mrs. D. Hatton (Kwell) and Mr. W. Ramsey (21 Epsom) on 25th...

  • Obituary 49

    Since our last issue we regret to record the deaths of the following
    colleagues : —
    Mr. C. W. L. Pantry, Leading Poulterer at Folkestone, who was engaged
    in 1924, died on September 7th, 1954, following a stroke. We...

  • Retirements 49

    Since our last issue we have said goodbye to the following, and wish them
    health and happiness in their well-earned retirement :—
    S. PRUDENCE. Engaged June, 1913, at Stamford Hill. He served in a
    number of...

  • News of J.S. Staff on National Service 50

    The following are extracts from some of the letters ire have received from our men on
    National Service since our last publication :—
    A. G. BACON, 21 Worthing. Germany (R.A.F.). Had a...

  • Mr. John 52

    Mr. John hands out a few unofficial prices at Dulwich