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'Good food costs less at Sainsbury's' advertisement proof, c. 1980s. Two halves of the advertisement have been photocopied and stuck together with sellotape but have come apart. Includes prices for ''Crosse & Blackwell Branston Pickle', 'Sainsbury's Crusty Bake 4 Pork Pies', 'Sainsbury's Coleslaw', 'Topside of Beef', 'Sainsbury's Cheshire' cheese, 'Sainsbury's Medium Sliced Stoneground Wholemeal Bread', ''Princes' Cooked Ham', 'Lymeswold', 'Sainsbury's Potato Crisps', 'Sainsbury's Mr Greedy Strawberry Low Fat Yoghurt', 'Sainsbury's Vanilla Ice Cream', 'Pedigree Chum' dog food, 'Sainsbury's Whole Orange Drink', 'Sainsbury's cola drink', 'Skol Lager'. Branches mentioned: Bradford (Harrogate Road, Greengates).

Also includes illustrations of these products. Includes opening hours.