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'Feast your eyes on Sainsbury's Christmas prices', c. 1987 with slogan 'Good food costs less at Sainsbury's'. Includes prices for 'Sainsbury's Pickled Whole Baby Beets', 'Sainsbury's Fruit Cocktail', 'Princes Cooked Ham', 'Sainsbury's 6 Deep Mince Pies', 'Sainsbury's Rich Christmas Pudding', 'Sainsbury's Red Salmon', 'Sainsbury's Turkey', 'dana imported Danish Butter Cookies', 'Sainsbury's rich fruit Christmas Cake', 'Loose Mixed Nuts in Shells', 'Sainsbury's Button Brussels Sprouts', 'Sainsbury's 50 Party Size Sausage Rolls', 'Walls Viennetta',
'Sainsbury's Sweet Pickle', 'Sainsbury's Pickled Onions', 'Sainsbury's Potato Crisps', 'Sainsbury's Chocolate Biscuit Assortment', 'Sainsbury's Milk Chocolate Selection', 'Sainsbury's Ruby Port'.

Also includes illustrations for some of these products.

Also has written label on the reverse of advert with date.