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  • Drury Lane branch closes 01

    Sadness, regret, memories, appeals and goodbyes as . . .
    Drury Lane branch closes PREDICTIONS of protest marches and sit-ins did not
    come true and Salisbury's in Drury Lane closed quietly
    and without fuss on April 4.
    The first...

  • Last goodbyes 01

    Last goodbyes
    Eileen O'SuIlivan takes a last photograph of the staff. GREAT REGRET was
    expressed by both customers
    and staff in the
    days leading up to JS's
    final departure from the
    street where the company
    was born.


    Sylvia Hankin says farewell to Drury Lane and Owen Keen, watched by Allan Redford.
    THE LAST CUSTOMER at JS's Drury Lane branch completed an unusual historical circle
    stretching back to the first day of the company more than a...

  • Bedford shines at saving energy 02

    Bedford shines at saving energy SUMMER IS A COMING in
    with lighter nights and (with
    any luck) warmer weather.
    But it doesn't herald an end
    to the energy campaign, it
    just means that it's that bit
    more difficult to remember...

  • Bumper crowds, booze, burglars—East Dulwich has 'em all 02

    Bumper crowds, booze, burglars
    East Dulwich has 'em all CHAMPAGNE ON ICE —
    both from JS's first combined
    freezer centre and off licence
    which opened at East Dulwich
    on March 25.
    Director Peter Snow did
    the opening...

  • Life begins anew for Vi at sixty 02

    Life begins anew for Vi at sixty RETIREMENT for Vi Powell
    means an exciting and
    exacting new job as clerk to
    the council.
    At 59, Mrs Powell was less
    than a year off the JS retirement
    age for women. But last
    month she left...

  • Romance in store 02

    Romance in store
    knee deep at JS's Farnham
    branch last month with two
    marriages in one weekend.
    On Saturday March 8,
    assistant grocery manager
    John Bannister married
    Susan Bird, a cashier from...

  • Salute for Woolwich 02

    Salute for Woolwich
    GOODWILL and honest
    endeavour are alive and well
    and living at JS's Woolwich
    branch. A customer was so
    impressed by the way staff
    handled a cash refund for him
    he wrote to a local paper.
    'In these days...

  • Stamford Group hits the jackpot 02

    Stamford Group hits the jackpot THE GOAL HAS BEEN
    REACHED. It took only 10
    months instead of the estimated
    two years for the Stamford
    Group to collect more
    than enough money to buy a
    kidney machine. The £2,000
    has been...

  • The winners 02

    The winners
    final of the JS table tennis
    tournament was at last played
    at Dulwich on March 25, having
    been held over from the
    main tournament earlier in
    the month. (See March issue,
    page two.)
    The result...

  • Why be modest...? 02

    Why be modest...?
    The JS Journal has won a certificate
    of merit in a national
    Every year the British
    Association of Industrial
    Editors holds a competition
    to find the house journal of
    the year. The JS...

  • A mat finish 03

    A mat finish
    JS SHOE POLISH works
    wonders with rubber car
    mats! This practical gem was
    spotted in a motoring
    magazine by Alan Hale,
    operation planning, Charlton
    Any other ideas for it, asks
    Alan, apart from the...

  • Goldfish reach an all time high 03

    Goldfish reach an all time high A HERON'S LUNCH was
    the fate of William Selley's
    prize goldfish on March 21.
    He went into his house in
    Chingford for lunch that day
    leaving 20 healthy goldfish
    swimming around the pond in

  • JS hatches a new chick 03

    JS hatches a new chick
    its expansion, Sainsbury-
    Spillers Limited, a JS
    associate company, has
    acquired a chicken processing
    factory and a small chicken
    growing unit — part and parcel
    of Newfarm...

  • Lewisham certainly can, can-can 03

    Lewisham certainly can, can-can
    South of the river down Lewisham way they know how to
    celebrate moving into a new JS super-store. On March 22 staff
    at the new Lewisham branch (opened on March 11) had a
    Saturday night binge...

  • No mean feet 03

    No mean feet
    NEARLY THREE pounds a
    foot and more than five
    pounds a head were raised by
    staff at JS's Arnold branch for
    the National Society for the
    Prevention of Cruelty to
    Their sponsored charity
    walk raised a...

  • Playing the game Supermarketeers make their first £4 million 03

    Playing the game Supermarketeers make their first £4 million A CONVINCING VICTORY in the first round of the
    1975 National Management Game was won by Supermarketeers,
    a team from JS. In each round of the game
    teams, each...

  • Why Sainsbury's say yes to the Community 04

    Why Sainsbury's say yes to the Community In June the British people will be voting
    in their first ever referendum. The result
    of that vote is important to JS and other
    companies in the food retailing and

  • JS veterans take tea and talk over old times 06

    JS veterans take tea and talk over old times FOURTEEN HUNDRED
    JS veterans made a takeover
    bid for London's plush Royal
    Lancaster hotel on April 8.
    And they succeeded!
    The occasion was the JS
    Veterans Group's 27th

  • Running, jumping and who's got the ball 06

    Running, jumping and who's got the ball THE MAGNIFICENT
    FIVE girls from Walton won
    the JS netball tournament at
    Dulwich on Easter Monday
    — despite the fact that every
    other team had seven players.
    In fact, so great was...

  • Appointments 07

    N F Matthews joined the
    company on March 17 as
    manager, government and
    trade relations.
    He will be responsible for
    research and advice on legislation
    and government issues
    affecting the food trade.
    K Malone,...

  • Letters: Safety first 07

    Letters: Safety first From AJL Gayfer, Clapham
    It is ironic that while page one
    of the March JS Journal highlights
    the Health and Safety
    at Work Act, page five shows
    two examples of damaged
    and dangerous equipment in

  • Long Service 07

    Long Service
    James 'Jim' Perry, senior
    manager, retail personnel,
    celebrated 40 years with JS
    on April 15.
    He joined the company in
    1935 as a junior trainee at
    HQ, and spent the pre-war
    years in various...

  • Not working keeps George busy 07

    Not working keeps George busy
    George Rogers would want
    to take things easy after
    half-a-century of going to
    work. But no, when George
    retired from JS on March 29,
    with nearly 51 years' service
    to his...

  • Obituary 07

    Mrs Hilda Cooper, who
    was a cashier at Bristol, died
    at her home on February 26.
    Mrs Cooper joined JS in
    1961 and had worked at the
    Bristol branch for 14 years.
    During her career she travelled
    around the branches...

  • Retirements 07

    Mrs Doris Sherring retired
    on April 12 after 16 years
    with JS. She started work at
    154 Walthamstow.and when
    it closed went to the Leytonstone,
    Church Lane branch.
    She was transferred to the
    new Leytonstone...

  • Higher pensions and the choice of a golden nest egg 08

    Higher pensions and the choice of a golden nest egg HIGHER PENSIONS,
    and the choice of having
    part of your pension commuted
    into a tax-free lump
    sum—these are two of the
    improvements that JS has
    made to the...