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    Eighty Years
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    Mr. John's Diary
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    Staff Association
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    The Romance of Blackfriars
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    Who'd be a Manager?
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    Romantic (?) Spring
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    5000 Years of Service
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    Mechanization an...

  • Eighty Years 03

    WE have much pleasure in presenting the second number of Volume 2 at the prescribed interval of two months and we trust it will be as well received as the first. We have had quite a number of comments -and criticisms...

  • Mr. John's Diary 05

    This further instalment of Mr. John's Diary is closely concerned with the establishment of the Stamford Street Depot at Wakefield House. Now comes a very important change in the trade, for John Musker (H. & C), Thomas...

  • Staff Association - 'The Veterans' 07

    ST. BRIDE'S Institute, near Ludgate Circus, on Wednesday, 23rd February, was the scene of a meeting, unique in the history of the " House of Sainsbury." On this memorable afternoon onehundred- and-sixty old stalwarts of the ...

  • The Romance of Blackfriars 10

    THE street that runs down one side of the " Kitchens " at Blackfriars is called Paris Garden an arresting name for a road enclosed by tall factory and office buildings, and a name which like so many in this part of London ...

  • Who'd be a Manager? 11

    WE receive so many official instructions, semi-official instructions, long memos, short memos and " It is rumoured " circulations that I wonder if the people sitting snugly in their offices at Blackfriars ever think of the...

  • Romantic (?) Spring 13

    Flowers blossom on the trees, Grass is waving in the breeze, Songs are sung in various keys. Spring is here. Maids are " comin' thro' the rye," Men are turning gladsome eye, Cows are lowing where they lie. Spring is here....

  • Work! 14

    IT certainly appears to be man's lot to work and for most of us it is true to say that we work or starve. And yet, there are people working at various things to whom this harsh-sounding ultimatum does not apply at all. Their ...

  • 5000 Years of Service 16

    Above Mr. John entertains at Little Common. Below The Veterans' Group at St. Bride's Institute.

  • Mechanization an Open Book 18

    Fig. 1. One part of the punching and verifying section. The Third Floor Front Trainees and other visitors to Blackfriars Offices often show more interest in the Mechanized Department on the Third Floor than they do in other...

  • Carrying on 22

    SINCE my last article when I told you of my introduction into a Sainsbury shop, much has happened to me and 1 am no longer the timid youth I was then. I can wire a block of butter with considerable speed and skill and slap up...

  • Are you a Hoarder ? 24

    I SUPPOSE most of us will soon be thinking of spring-cleaning and the thought of turning out those cupboards and drawers which have been the receptacles of things which might not be wanted at the moment but " might come in...

  • Kitchen Counsel 24

    Essentially for Women We are introducing a new feature in the Journal. A page devoted to women, which will deal with women's everyday problems and contain suggestions written by women. Have you a favourite recipe you ...

  • Our Babies 25

    Many charming photographs of really bonny babies have already arrived. The wonderful Easter weather tempted us to extend the date, and we shall therefore be pleased to receive entries until 1st June. The first prize will now...

  • Putting on the Pressure 25

    PRESSURE cooking is widely advertised these days and it is surprising to find how few people have adopted this method. To those who combine a full-time job with running a home, a pressure cooker frequently means the...

  • Anticipation 27

    Anticipation is always better than Realisation!

  • Personel Problems 28

    Wages Council- Retail Food Trades IT looks as if my estimate of the operative date for the new regulations did not allow nearly enough time for the official wheels to turn and I am now advised that 1st June, or even 1st...

  • Mrs. E. Burville 29

    Our congratulations to Leading Saleswoman Mrs. E. Burville of Kenton Branch voted the most courteous assistant in Kenton in a competition staged recently by Courtesy Association. Mrs. Burville led the poll by a comfortable...

  • Obituary 30

    IT is with regret that we record the following deaths and extend to the next-of-kin our sincere sympathy. ACTIVE LIST Richard D. Claridge. -Employed at Blackfriars for over 28 years, latterly as Traffic Controller, died 19th...

  • The wise old Owl - Information Service 30

    ARE you making use of our team of experts to deal with your problems ? There may appear to be no solution to your particular worry, but why not get an outside opinion ? " What can I do with all the coal dust that has...