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    ... and a Happy New Year
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    Ballet for Beginners
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    Christmas Counsel
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    Staff Association
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    Mechanization the end of the story
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    The Earnestness of being...

  • . . . . . and a Happy New Year 03

    We have very great pleasure in presenting our Special 1949 Christmas Number which comes to you with our best wishes for both Christmas and the New Year. A great deal of interest has been shown by large numbers of the staff...

  • Crackers 04

    SCROOGE is rubbing his hands with satisfaction. Things are coming his way. Austerity and utility are working wonders with a land and a people of which he almost despaired ninety years ago. It is not merely that the prices of ...

  • Ballet for Beginners 09

    WHAT exactly is Ballet dancing '? How does it differ from other dancing and how did it all start, anyway ? This is but small space for such wide questions, but we can go some little way towards answering them. Diagrams and...

  • 'Oh, Sir' 12

    Friday, 8.30 a.m. "All ready ! " Right ! ! Everyone in their places 2 Change boxes out ? Tills filled ? Butchers ready ? O.K. What is this stampede ? Oh, the butchers' public. " Oh, sir, this lady has forgotten to bring...

  • Christmas Counsel 14

    IT is not very far off to Christmas and many of us have already completed our shopping, while others are still waiting until the last moment to buy that " little something " for dear old Auntie Emma or Cousin Joan's twins or...

  • Staff Association - This Show Business 17

    FOR some weeks prior to the beginning of September of this year a strange ritual had been observed in many gardens and on the allotments of various S.S.A. members. These people could be seen during the evenings and at the ...

  • Now look here 21

    Now look here. Don't forget you are all turkeys I

  • Mechanization - the end of the story 22

    The final article of the series by J. H. Murray A Tabulator with Summary Card Punch in action Branch Customers' Accounts THE first job that was mechanised in Blackfriars was the keeping of the branch customers' accounts...

  • The Earnestness of being Important 28

    ONE of the Managers in an article in the JOURNAL some few months ago sought to tell readers of that Haven of Peace, that Rest Cure more usually known as THE SALES OFFICE. To him and to those others whose lines of thought...

  • More Game 30

    GIMBLE COTTAGE, GRIFFIN MOOR, SOWSTASKER, NONS. The Editor, J.S. JOURNAL. SIR, Having read the most interesting article on ' Game,' which figured in your last edition, I am constrained to draw your attention to one...

  • May I see my turkey please ? 31

    May I see my turkey please ?

  • The Common Cold 32

    By the Firm's Doctor OF all the minor ills the flesh is heir to there are few which cause more loss of time and temper than the Common Cold. Call it what you will catarrh of the naso-pharynx, a cold in the nose, or the...

  • Personnel Problems 33

    Working Hours Branch Staff FROM all sides I have heard expressions of appreciation from members of the branch staff for the new working hours, and particularly for the early finish on Saturday evenings. On the occasional ...

  • About People you know 34

    WF have to record the following retirements since March, 1949 : A. Newton. -I'irst employed as Stable Boy at Blackfriars : later as pony \an boy, a nil afterwards driver of lirsl small deliver)' car in 1914. When he retired...

  • South East Area Dance 35

    xs S S A COME TO THE £>. \\t\j 4^5t (j/jress O^ ss\*%ce at LEWISHAM TOWN HALL CATFORD, S.E.6 on Wednesday, February 8th, 1950 7.30-11.30 p.m. Dancing To THE NEW SENTIMENTALISTS TICKETS 2/6 Available from your S.S.A....