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    Weighing it up
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    An Open Book
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    Treasures you should not miss
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    Staff Association
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    It Pays to Advertise
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    Kitchen Counsel
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    Clothes Care
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    Our Babies
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    I can just...

  • Weighing it up 03

    AT the time of going to press to use that well worn phrase a minor heatwave is with us and hot weather hints are well in our minds, which we hope augurs well for this our SUMMER NUMBER. We are including with this issue the ...

  • An Open Book 04

    This is the second of a series of articles on mechanization contributed by J. H. Murray LET us hark back to our previous article and remind you that the punched card system takes care of the three essentials of bookkeeping...

  • Treasures you should not miss 08

    THE LAND OF COCKAYNE is the paradise of the idle and the glutton. Here the pig is already roast pork with the knife conveniently stuck into it, the houses are roofed with pancakes, and the egg walks towards one of the three...

  • Staff Association - The Arts and Crafts Exhibition 12

    IT was a happy group that met together on the Friday before Easter, in the Training Centre with a view to setting out yet another grand collection of ytork. Our Secretary.had started us on some excellent sandwiches and...

  • "It Pays to Advertise" 14

    A New S.S.A. Publication WITH this maxim in mind the management committee of the S.S.A. decided to prepare a brochure to be used as an aid to recruitment. This is now in the hands of the printers ; distribution will commence ...

  • Kitchen Counsel 15

    Summer Dishes MENU-PLANNING is one of the most difficult tasks devolving upon the housewife in these days of high prices, shortages, rationing and queueing. How to make a dainty, appetising meal out of scraps, how to tempt...

  • Clothes Care 16

    If you want to feel happy in your clothes as long as they last, start looking after them properly from the very beginning. Don't throw your things down in a heap when you take them off. When they are still warm the material ...

  • Our Babies 17

    We are very pleased indeed to present to you our selection of prize-winning photographs. from Motor Engineers' Dept. CHRISTINE SNOWDEN Age : I year 4 months from Bedford Branch VALERIE ANN FOWLER Age : 8 months from...

  • I can just remember 21

    THOSE of us who often refer to the "good old days" may reflect sometimes thereupon and come to the conclusion that this was a misnomer so far as working conditions were concerned, but they were good if we reckon them as ...

  • Summer is icumen in 24

    We are much indebted to Miss A. Angus Ritchie of Messrs. Courtaulds Ltd. for this contribution. THIS, the first coupon-free period for years, will see the latest models modified to English tastes, during Britain's biggest...

  • Oh! I Do Like to be beside the Seaside 29

    I HEAVED a sigh of relief as I said " Cheerio " to the chaps in the office. A fortnight's rest, fourteen days in which to lie in bed a little longer in the morning, two weeks in which to recline at ease in a deckchair on the...

  • Just to think 31

    He : Just to think I had to come to Bognor to find out you are my contact clerk!

  • Sports Day at the Griffin 32

    Just two of the photographs of the happy crowd who spent Whit-Mondav at Dulwich.

  • Personnel Problems 33

    Wages Council- Retail Food, Trades THEREisstillnonews from the Minister of Labour and National Service on the operative date for the new regulations, and I feel it is better to postpone any detailed comment on them and on...

  • A "Stop Press" News Item 34

    The Scottish Farms At the Royal Highland Show held recently in Dundee our pedigree Aberdeen Angus Herd gained further successes. "Pinocchio of Gaidrew" sire of a number of this years' calves gained a 1st prize. " Jubra Eric" a...

  • The wise old Owl - Information Service 34

    Question. My wife is in rather poor health and as I have a small child, a girl aged three, at home, I find it very difficult to leave them each day. Domestic help seems too expensive for the ordinary person. Is there anything...