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    Delivered to Your Door
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    Ballet for Beginners
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    Kitchen Counsel
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    London Markets
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    The Development of Fighter Aircraft
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    Presents Past
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    Letters to the Editor

  • The New Year's Issue 03

    THE season of penury, as our cartoonist points out, brings with it the after Christmas spate of bills, rates demands and reckonings in general, and, in keeping with this atmosphere, the Editorial Committej, having let itself ...

  • Delivered to your Door 04

    Being the story from Oats to Petrol OCCASIONALLY the telephone in the Transport Office rings early in the morning and an irate Manager complains that his van has not arrived ; he has arrived at the shop early to receive i...

  • Ballet for Beginners 09

    Continued from our previous number This month let us go on to the use of the arms, body and head in Classical ballet, not that we can ever entirely separate the upper and lower halves of the body dancers aren't that sort of...

  • Kitchen Counsel 13

    S T A I N C H A R T There must have been a number of minor accidents in the home during the Christmas and New Year festivities. That glass of wine spilled during dinner has left such a nasty stain on the best cloth and the ...

  • London Markets 16

    No. 1 SMITH FIELD (MEAT) THE family sits down at the Sunday table, the one time in the week when they can all take a meal together I wonder how many ever pause to think as they enjoy their food how much endeavour has been...

  • The Development of Fighter Aircraft 21

    Hawker P. 1052 jet fighter LOOKING back over the history of aviation it is noticeable that the singleseater aeroplane has made the most spectacular progress. This will be evident to anyone who attended the Royal ...

  • The Season of Penny 25

    There is no Text

  • Presents past 26

    Well, Christmas is over. The remains of the turkey have been picked clean and then made into soup, the remnants of the Xmas pudding sit all forlorn on the Pantry shelf and a few odd nuts and apples (whose wrinkled skins...

  • Letters to the Editor 28

    Many people who would not dream of sitting down to write a full-scale article may find time to drop us a few lines on some point of interest. What follows is the first to hand, which perhaps not unnaturally comes from...

  • Staff Association - Behind the Scenes 29

    A DISTANT clock chimes, the hour is midnight a key grates in the lock and turns, the door is opened and closed again, and all is still. So ends just another day in the service of the S.S.A. We hope that these opening remarks ...

  • New Year's Resolutions 31

    Just another form was sent among the normal correspondence to a few people chosen at random and here are some of the replies. EDITOR'S OFFICE J.S. HOUSE MAGAZINE IMMEDIATE ! TO-MORROW WILL BE TOO LATE ! ! We intend...

  • A Christmas Dream 33

    With lummy lucked willi Christmas fare I rested in an easy chair And as I thumbed the Book/el's pa^es I saw the words of our linn's sages. The hands crept slowly round the clock •is / read the speeches in the "Troc". Then...

  • Personnel Problems 34

    Payment during Sick Absence ONCE again I have been asked to refer to this subject, this time in connection with the provision of medical certificates. The firm's printed scheme makes it clear that a claim for sick pay must ...