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    The Next Experiment
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    London Markets
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    Bee-Ware !
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    Science to the Butcher's Aid
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    February 23rd, 1950 The Turning Point
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    From Trade Boards to Wages Councils
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    From Oats to Petrol

  • The next Experiment 03

    WE have the greatest pleasure in including in this number, as our main feature, an article by Mr. F. W. Salisbury in which he discusses the details and the up-to-the-minute improvements which were incorporated into our new...

  • London Markets 04

    Old Leadenhall No. 3 POULTRY (SMITHFIELD AND LEADENHALL) A SYNOD of slick salesmen, a gaggle of buyers bashfully browsing, a flock of perky cockney porters, these maybe will long live in your memory after having paid a...

  • Bee-Ware ! 09

    MAIRE KING discusses :- WE started beekeeping in May, 1941. It was an exciting adventure, for in May the bees commence in earnest to breed rapidly so that the colony may be a strong one when the honey flow commences. In...

  • Science to the Butcher's Aid 12

    QUITE a number of our senior staff employed on the fresh meat side of the business were some time ago elected members of the Institute of Meat, and are thus entitled to take advantage of the lectures, visits and other...

  • February 23rd, 1950—The Turning Point 17

    February 23rd, 1950, was indeed a day to be noted, for it was then that Selsdon branch opened its doors to the public. There was also a General Election ! Selsdon as a place name is probably known to relatively few ; it is a...

  • J.S. Cup Winners, 1950—Y Section 22

    Who can name the players in the Griffin Team below ? A Prize of 5/- will be awarded for the first correct answer opened Envelopes will be opened on June 5th. Address your entry to the Editor.

  • From Trade Boards to Wages Councils 23

    Development of the Regulation of Wages THE Industrial Revolution brought with it many problems, not least of which was the securing of a living wage for the workpeople who had flocked from the countryside to the industrial ...

  • From Oats to Petrol 25

    IF the J.S. JOURNAL is to be published at regular intervals the Editorial Committee must be assured of ample copy in hand at all times. With the need to give priority to certain topical items some copy can become out of date...

  • Scottish Farms 26

    The Royal Agricultural Society of England are this year holding their annual show at Oxford from the 4th to the 1th July. Our Kinermony herd has entered several of our Pedigree Aberdeen Angus stock. This will be the first...

  • Busman's Holiday 27

    Busman's Holiday : The Poultry Buyer helps to choose the Beauty Queen

  • Staff Association - Through the Ages 28

    THROUGHOUT mankind's long and varied history on this earth of ours, in spite of wars, persecution and famine, the greater part of humanity has always been united in a common love of sport and spectacle. One can still see on ...

  • Bird In Hand 30

    -a few shots of the recent Stamford Players' production

  • How to Handle a Director 31

    A few days after receiving a somewhat insistently worded letter from the Secretary for War, many a young man has journeyed away from his home to "join up." Among new faces, new friends and new surroundings it would be more...

  • Whit-Monday at Dulwich 33

    As well as the Sports Events which start at 2 p.m., there will be a big programme of attractions including Toni's Team of Wonder Dogs, Curly the Clown, Oswald the Ventriloquist, Charles Moore and his Marionettes, a Punch and...