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    Notes for Historians
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    Sainsbury's Sample Self-Service
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    Do you play Tennis?
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    London Markets
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    Texas, S.W.10
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    The Scottish Farms
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    Kitchen Counsel
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    On the Subject of Flies

  • Notes for Historians 03

    HISTORY at all events Sainsbury history has certainly been made since the appearance of our last issue and on this to some extent can be blamed the rather late arrival of the current number. First and foremost entry in the...

  • Sainsbury's Sample Self-Service 04

    General view from the front of the new shop We are again indebted to Mr. F. W. Salisbury for having found time to write this article and we feel we should mention that he was to a very great extent that inspiring genius ...

  • Do you play Tennis? 13

    by F. H. D. Wilde, Tennis coach to the Griffin. As a partner to F. J. Perry the writer won the Slazenger Professional Championship this year. IN writing this short article for beginners I propose to arrange it in various ...

  • London Markets 17

    The Market in Tudor Times. No. 4 EASTCHEAP GOOD MORNING ! Last time we met you will remember we parted company after visiting Leadenhall Market. To-day perhaps you would like to stroll round and about Eastcheap which is...

  • Texas, S.W.10 22

    By E. STARLING of the S.S.A. Office IF it should ever be your luck to get an invitation to an American Barbecue, don't hesitate to accept it, but at the same time be prepared for a series of the most unusual and unexpected...

  • Where is the Dutch custard powder ? 24

    Where is the Dutch custard powder ?

  • The Scottish Farms 25

    Royal Show, Oxford FOR four days at the beginning of July, one of the largest agricultural shows ever staged took place at Kidlington some six miles outside Oxford. This was the annual show of the Royal Agricultural...

  • Kitchen Counsel 27

    Contributions invited IT is by no means easy to write an article every two months which will hold the interest of our readers but there must be a host of subjects which are of general concern and on which we should all...

  • Our Oldest Customer ? 29

    Our Oldest Customer ? . . . Mrs. Barnes, age 98, who shops regularly at our branch in High Street, Ealing

  • On the subject of Flies 30

    AS far as I was aware, until in a fit of perhaps misguided enthusiasm I decided to look into the matter, there were no more than four kinds of fly to annoy mankind, viz. : (1) The common house fly (2) The blow fly, mentally...

  • Cank Street, Leicester 33

    THESE photographs of our additional premises, show some interesting features; above, note the Holoplast-fronted moveable counter with the refrigerated dairy cabinet and the new Perspex counter screens ; below, the...

  • Happy Holiday Snapshot Competition 34

    Send in your happiest holiday snapshot for a cash prize. Entries should be addressed to the Editor, J.S. Journal, Stamford House. Stamford Street. S.E.I. Name and address should be written on reverse of photoeraphs to ensure...