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    The New Memorial Hall
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    Talking Turkey
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    London Markets
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    East Harling
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    Christmas Decorations
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    The Land of Lamb
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    Dressing for Dinner
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    Happy Holidays

  • Christmas Greetings 03

    Christmas Greetings to all at the Branches from all at Blackfriars with the wish that 1951 may bring the blessings of Peace and Prosperity

  • The New Memorial Hall 04

    A general view, taken at night, of the new hall, looking south. VISITORS to the main offices at Stamford Street over the last ten months will have noticed the gradual metamorphosis of order from disorder. The hub of the...

  • Talking Turkey 06

    EVER since as long ago as the fifteen hundreds the Turkey has graced the festive table at Christmastide. In this year of grace 1950, our festive board is more likely to be graced by its absence, for, as far as I am concerned,...

  • London Markets 08

    Petticoat Lane on a Sunday morning WE have already taken you to London's Wholesale Markets, and our journey ings would not be complete without taking you to see some of London's street markets. The most famous of them all ...

  • East Harling 12

    The main building when approaching from Thetford. Note the " clay lump " walls and pantile roof Ralph Hall unfolds the story of our Poultry and Game Depot ONE day in the Spring of 1949, Mr. Alan sent for the so-called...

  • Christmas Decorations 18

    These two decorative lamps are simple to make, instructions for the right-hand lamp are given below. Diagrams referred to appear on page 32 HAVE you ever realised how easy and how cheap it is to make your own Christmas...

  • The Land of Lamb 20

    .4 typical scene from New Zealand the Land of Lamb Mr. J. S. Chisholm, of the Canterbury Frozen Meat Co., of New Zealand, spent some days with us recently and to him we are indebted for this article HERE is a brief story...

  • The Unknown Item 25

    It could have been baked beans spaghetti . custard powder sardines or prunes but who would have thought of knuckles of bacon ?

  • Dressing for Dinner 26

    the theme of our exhibition stand at the 1950 London Dairy Show held at Olympia. A similar stand has just been exhibited at the Poultry Show where it was awarded the " Farmer and Stockbreeder Challenge Trophy for the best...

  • Are you Crackers, please ? 29

    Are you Crackers, please ?

  • Happy Holidays 30

    The Winners of our Summer Snapshot Competition //•ow /?. ^ . Gilbert From June Taylor From Svlvia Skillern From June Coburn From R. A. Cunningham From Derek Marlin

  • New Life for the Old Vic 32

    Our illustrious neighbour has again opened its doors for the first time since it was severely damaged by enemy action in 1941. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTYtwo years ago the name of Barrymore was very much to the fore in London ...

  • Christmas Decorations 34

    The details of the lamps described on pages 16 and 17 Diagram " A ". A wooden base with lamp holder and flex attached Diagram "B". The dimensions of the paper for the outer shade. Cut the horizontal lines and roll to form...