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    Talking Shop
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    Hygiene and the Hair
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    £50 of Clothes To Be Won
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    The War Against Locusts
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    The Griffin Cup Final
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    Kitchen Counsel
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    New Look Comes To Eastbourne
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  • Talking Shop 03

    THE foremost topic in everybody's mind these days is how best to make the weekly budget meet the rising cost of living. Higher prices of raw materials brought about by world shortages are only too quickly reflected in the...

  • Hygiene and the Hair 04

    REGULAR washing of hands and face is a feature of adult Western civilization and as a refresher is sometimes second only to a cup of tea to which it is frequently a preluds. Among Eastern peoples ceremonial washing of hands...

  • £50 of Clothes To Be Won 05

    READERS will have seen from the photographs published recently within our pages that at Croydon, Eastbourne, East Grinstead, and all our newest stores, the saleswomen, and please excuse us for the want of a better term, our...

  • Are you sure Higginbottom 10

    Are you sure Higginbottom, you have read the Bulletin correctly ?

  • The War against Locusts 11

    Photographs by courtesy of the Anti-Locust Research Centre. AS the population of our planet is increasing in numbers at an astonishing rate, the problem of providing food for the additional millions becomes more and more...

  • The Griffin Cup Final 15

    The team . Standing D. Hill, F. Floodgate, D. Hinson, E. Lewis, J. Eastwood, J. Patterson; Seated /. Fairman, W. Chumbly, H. Woolley, A. Lewis, H. Stone. V. Section, the winners of the Griffin Cup Final, played against...

  • Kitchen Counsel 16

    I AM sure we are all hoping that the warmer weather has come to stay and with that thought in mind, and the Editor's edict that we must give our readers a recipe for using tinned grapes now that we are selling them so cheaply, ...

  • New Look Comes To Eastbourne 17

    OUR branch in Terminus Road, Eastbourne, had served the main shopping centre of the town for 39 years until its demolition by German aircraft in 1943. This was not the first incident in which the shop was involved; it had...

  • Staff Association 25

    FOLLOWING the end of the Financial Year we have recently held an Annual General Meeting at which both the Secretary and the Treasurer were able to report upon a successful year. All Groups were able to keep within their...

  • J.S. Supports N.F.U. 26

    THE need for an increasing home meat production has become progressively important with successive reductions in imports and a recent conference was held by the National Farmers' Union to discuss ways and means of increasing ...

  • 51 Ealing Back in Record Time 28

    FROM August to November last year 51 Ealing was very much Priority A.l in the Works programme. It all started one morning late in June, at the unearthly hour of 5 a.m., when Mr. Shipsides interrupted my slumbers with the...

  • The Penny and the Pound 30

    THE new crisp green pound note (year of issue 1951) uttered a cry of surprise • no more audible than a discreet rustle when it suddenly found itself flung among the famous coin collection of Messrs. X. & Y., the antique...

  • Veteran's Reunion 33

    A selection of photographs taken at the recent veterans reunion at Black friars. Many well-known faces were among those present

  • Flowers of Speech - or Plainly Speaking 34

    IT often occurs that when reading Bulletin instructions, a horrible suspicion enters one's mind that "all is not gold that glitters" and it may not be wise to attempt to discover what exactly was in the writer's mind. We do not...