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    J.S. News
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    13/15 Stamford Street Gets a New Look
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    Productivity and the Retail Trade F. W. Salisbury
    Page 18
    Debden Opens Against Odds
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    Raising Christmas Dinners H. B. Marden-Kanger
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    How to...

  • J.S. News 03

    THK Directors send Christmas §&*
    Greetings to all who work in J.S.,
    to former members of the firm and to
    their many business friends in all if^igt
    parts of the world. Mr. John, who will A
    be spending...

  • Staff Movements and Promotions 10

    We are pleased to record the following promotions since our last issue :—
    S. Gardner, Spare List (based at Peckham)
    R. H. Baldwin
    J. B. Fallon
    A. S....

  • Marriages 11

    We offer our best Irishes for their future happiness to the following /.,V. Staff who
    have recently married :—
    Miss H. Neilson and Mr. R. Dickman of Luton.
    Miss F. Brown and Mr. A....

  • Obituary 11

    On 27.11.52, Mr. j . J. Newman, Night Supervisor at the Union Street
    Depot, collapsed and died whilst on duty. He had been with the Company
    since February, 1931, and will be very much missed by his colleagues....

  • Retirements 11

    The following domestic
    Miss G. Beach
    Mrs. S. Babv
    Mrs. A. Ford
    Miss C. Ladd
    Miss F. Mower
    Mrs. C. Wilkin
    Mrs. A. McDougall
    Miss D. Prior (of \i
    staff wi
    11 be retiring at the end of 1952

  • 13/15, Stamford Street gets a new look 12

    The right side of the grocery shop showing the sunken biscuit fittings. A full-scale cakes and bread section is now included. Apart from many new developments reported in our pages, considerable progress is being made in the...

  • Productivity and the Retail Trade 15

    . [ rerien: of " Retc-ii/iny", the report of a Productivity 'Yean/ representing Ihitish Retailing, which visited the I'm led States in 1952, by Mr. Salisbury, Assistant General Manager of J.S. since 1938, joined the firm in...

  • Debden opens - against odds 20

    It is not unusual for us to have to move heaven and earth in order to open a new branch ; the opening of our self-service store at Debden, however, proved to be exceptional, for we had to contend not only with the two usual...

  • Raising Christmas Dinners 22

    My first interest in live turkeys happened in Burma in the late '20s when two visiting friends at Christmas time brought with them a pair of birds duly decorated with red and blue bows. My native butler decided that these two...

  • How to Carve your Christmas Turkey 25

    Remove the drumsticks Slice breast from A Imrarth H Rewoi-e wini{ ky cutting through joint here SHI-; that your knife is sharp, for a blunt knife will only tear the flesh away. (1) Cut and remove all strings. (2) Remove the...

  • Christmas Time 26

    THK members of the average English household have, between them (a third of the households have more than one member working, by the way), to work for 66 hours to earn the money to pay for their Christmas. Of this time Food...

  • The Country Section's Dance at Blackfriars 27

    Depot and supervisory staff get together. NOVEMBER'S coldest weather couldn't prevent a wonderful turnout for the Country Section's Dance on November 8th. Contingents of J.S. people and their friends rolled up by coach and...

  • Italian Interlude 31

    I or the past tiro years Mr. Cox has been responsible In Mr. James Sainsbury I or all cheese purchases, and in the course of his work has paid a number of visits to our Continental suppliers. During his earlier career, he worked...

  • J.S. Jobs 39

    ^4 j Waller Second of a series ahout peopk and r r tke jobs they do Jor J-^- ON any one day the daily check of staff requirements may show as many as 40 vacancies to fill on various levels of employment with J.S....

  • Thursday Night is Table Tennis Night 40

    TABLE tennis is now being played every Thursday night in the Staff Catering Hall. All members of the Staff Association are welcome, especially beginners. Five tables are available from 5.45 p.m. to 10 p.m., bats and balls are...

  • Drink—and Food 42

    The Story of Chocolate " The Rake's Progress " Plate VI, by William Hogarth, shows the fire breaking out at White's Chocolate Rooms in St. James's Street. LIKE tomatoes, turkeys, tobacco and potatoes, chocolate was unknown...

  • Fun and Games for Xmas 47

    Shake the Penny You will need : A dozen players, about 10 or 15 minutes' playing time, one penny. As the guests are arriving, the host shakes hands with them and in the palm of one person's hand leaves a penny. " Get rid of...

  • Cook's Christmas Notions 50

    Sweet and Savoury For jour Christmas party here are some suggestions which are sure to be popular. Savouries As a base for savouries you can use cheese pastry, choux pastry or short crust pastry tartlets. Choux Pastry ...

  • Wine (for beginners) 53

    THOSF, of us who like a bottle or two of wine at Christmas, believing that its gentle warmth helps digestion and sociability, can now get, from most wine merchants, very drinkable wines at prices from 6s. 6d. a bottle upwards....

  • Our Contributors 54

    IN answer to requests for information we are glad to print the following notes about two of last month's contributors. COMMANDER F. |EYi',s is J.S. Transport Engineer. Me has served a total of 21 years at sea, 11 in the Royal...