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Includes presss cuttings relating to trading stamps, the Trading Stamps Bill and reactions to the Bill from Alan Sainsbury (Lord Sainsbury of Drury Lane) and others.

Also includes correspondence between Lord Sainsbury and other interested parties relating to the Trading Stamps Bill e.g. a letter from Herbert, Oppenheimer, Nathan & Vandyk to Lord Sainsbury detailing amendments made to the Bill in the House of Lords, 20th July 1964.

Contains copies of the Trading Stamps Bill at various stages in its passage through parliament and copies of Amendments to be moved in committee and to be moved on report.

Also contains a copy of the Consumer Council statement of position on stamp trading and articles by Sperry & Hutchinson, ('The Case for Stamp Trading') and Mr C. Jameson ('Policy of Trading Stamps') with notes made in response to them.

Also includes a reprint of the Board of Trade Committee on Gift Coupons and Trading Stamps Report, 1933.