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Images were used by Timothy Dickson in the compilation of his 2013 book 'Leonard Beaumont: A Biography & Print Catalogue Raisonné'.

Products photographed include:
Milk chocolate
Almond marzipan icing
Frou-frou wafer biscuit (manufactured by Heldons of Holland)
Drinking chocolate
Ground almonds
Almond Marzipan Icing
English turkey ('Ready to cook')
Crelos margarine
French coffee
Pure coffee
Pure malt vinegar
Pure continental roast coffee
Pure butter
Pure lard
Glace cherries
Cut mixed peel
English new laid 3 large eggs
Jam (plum, apricot, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, marmalade)
New Zealand butter
Mixed herbs, caraway seeds, mixed spice, cinnamon, black pepper, white pepper
Pickling spice, gelatine, bicarbonate of soda
Tea (green label, mauve label, blue label)
Food colouring and flavouring (lemon, cochineal, almond, vanilla)
Self-raising flour
Baking powder

Window display banners:
'Clean hands...clean food at Sainsbury's'
'Sainsbury's serve you well'
'It's clean behind the seen at Sainsbury's'
'Come for your fare at Sainsbury's'
'Fare for all at Sainsbury's'
'Better buy at Sainsbury's'
'Any time is coffee time at Sainsbury's'
'Eldon of Kinermony: Winner of the King's Cup supreme championship Smithfield 1951. Sainsbury's contribution to the quality of Britain's beef'
'For good taste at tea time, it's Sainsbury's'

Photographs of the Sainsbury's stall at the Ideal Home Olympia Exhibition, 1952, featuring poultry trussing.