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These mixed papers cover a range of family members, including Simon, Timothy and David Sainsbury, some examples include:

David Sainsbury:
Information regarding the Sainsbury Laboratory.
Observer press clipping, 30 September 1990, 'How to be a profitable and green grocer.'
JS Journal [Sainsbury's staff magazine] profile of Mr David.
The Sunday Times, 4 April 1993, The Top 400 Britain's Rich.
Book, Wealth Creation and Jobs.
Tapes recorded for the JS Journal concerning David Sainsbury's retirement.
Mixed press cuttings relating to Mr David donating £200m to the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

Simon Sainsbury:
Letter by Alan Sainsbury to all Senior Executives regarding the appointment of Mr Simon as a Director of J Sainsbury ltd. (1959)

Timothy Sainsbury
Press cutting relating to Timothy's wife, Susan Sainsbury being duped by a conman.
Article by The observer 27 June 1993, 'Minding the Shop.'

A magazine by Harpers & Queen (October 1985) that comments on Mr JD, Mr David, Mr Timothy and Mr Simon.

Also mixed papers relating to the funeral arrangements for James Arthur Sainsbury, CBE, who died in 1984.