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Copies of two essays written by Bernard Ramm bound together as a spiral bound booklet. The essays relate to the development of the company and its management from the 1950s to 1980s.

The two essays are:
"Sainsbury's in The 1950's and 60's" dated November 1978, which was intended to supplement the book "JS 100" about Sainsbury's history, and discusses the management of the company (including the people involved) and developments during this period. Includes information about post-war restrictions such as customer registration, the expansion of the company, the principles by which the company was run, regular management meetings, pricing, window displays, difficulties with the Blackfriars depot and factory for the expanding company, new depots, the administration of the company, and the Sainsbury family.

"Sainsbury's - The Fourth Generation" dated July 1980, about the development of the company after John Davan Sainsbury took over as Chairman in 1969, the management style of the company and new Chairman, the engagement of consultant Ned Harwell to introduce a new system of supplying the shops, flotation of the company on the stock market, financial systems, the pension scheme, changes to the senior management, diversification, and design.