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'Sainsbury's bring you the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unsliced bread' advertisement from the Sunday Times, with slogan 'Good food costs less at Sainsbury's'.

Includes photos of: 'Granary Bread', 'Small Bloomer', 'Continental Seedless Light Rye', 'Long Split Tin', 'Hovis', 'Sandwich Tin', 'Continental Black Rye', 'Daktyla', 'Wheten Loaf', 'Tea Roll', 'Coburg', 'Large Bloomer', 'Crusty Brown', 'Chollah', ' 'Vogel's Swiss Style Mixed Grain', ''Soft Loaf', 'Farmhouse', 'French Stick', 'Polish Style Rye', 'Vienna', 'Wholemeal'.