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Recipe book by Muriel Downes.

The Author 3

Introduction 4

Basic Pastry Recipes 8
Shortcrust pastry
Rich shortcrust pastry
Puff pastry
Rough puff pastry
Flaky pastry
Suetcrust pastry
Hot water crust pastry
American pastry No 1
American pastry No 2
Choux pastry
French flan pastry or pate sucree
Almond pastry
Apricot glaze
Redcurrant glaze

Savoury Flans and Pies 20
Prawn Mille Feuilles
Prawn and Mushroom Flan
Supremes of Chicken En Croute
Spinach and Tuna Flan
Tunisian Fish Flan
Tomato and Cheese Flan
Swiss Cheese Flan
Chicken, Ham or Game Gougere
Hungarian Chicken Pie
Chicken Tourtiere
Braised Pork en Croute
Beef en Croute
Leek and Ham Pie
Devilled Turkey Flan
Veal and Ham Pie
Raised Pork Pie

Everyday Family Sweets 39
Choux a la Crème
Simple Chocolate Sauce
Gooseberry Pie
Apple Flan for Everyday
Longstone Hazelnut Flan
Dutch Apple Pudding
Lemon Cheese Cakes
Suffolk Apple Dumplings
Norfolk Treacle Tart
Raisin Pie
Deep South Apple Pie
American Cherry Pie
Chocolate Meringue Pie

Weekend Treats for the Family 52
French Apple Flan
Tarte Aux Pommes Grille
Apple Flan with Orange
Strawberry and Banana Flan
Tartlets Couer al la Crème
Mille Feuilles
Apple Florentine
Danish Fruit Shortcake
Bavarian Apple Strudel
Cornish Treacle Tart
Plum and Almond Flan a la Russe
Salambos a L’Orange
Lemon and Orange Flan
Cherry Streusel Flan
Blackcurrant and Cinnamon Flan
Bakewell Tart
Apple and Almond Jalousie
Pear and Chocolate Flan
Pear Flan Provencale
Danish Pastries
Gooseberry and Meringue Tartlets

Entertaining and Special Occasions 76
Lintzer Torte
Chocolate Profiteroles
Choux Pralines Montmorency
Strawberry Mille Feuilles
Honey Tart
Gateau Paris Brest
Danish Almond Ring
Calette Au Citron
Tarte Aux Pruneaux
Tarte Francaise
Maple and Walnut Chiffon Pie
Fresh Fruit Mincemeat Flan
Mille Feuilles De Noel

Index 95