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  • Our Chairman 02

    Our Chairman—Mr. R. J. writes on the
    occasion of Mr. Alan becoming a life peer
    WHEN I learnt that my brother had been asked to accept a life peerage, I was
    extremely delighted, both on his own account and in the public...

  • F. W. S. A tribute from the Chairman 03

    F. W. S.
    A tribute from
    the Chairman
    On Mr. Salisbury's retirement as a director of the
    Company, after 47^ years with J.S., I want to pay
    tribute to the tremendous contribution which he
    has made to the success of the firm...

  • Two New Directors of the Firm 08

    Two New Directors of the Firm
    Mr. Timothy Sainsbury
    Mr. B. T. Ramm Mr. Timothy Sainsbury, youngest son of Mr. Alan,
    was made a director of the company on March 26th,
    1962. Mr. Timothy first came to Blackfriars in 1956.

  • 1962 A Year of Development 09

    1962 A Year of Development
    Five new J.S. self-service branches will open during the remaining
    months of 1962 and a produce warehouse will be well on the way
    towards completion. Photographs in this feature show the...

  • A little learning . . . 16

    A little learning:. . .
    A review of The Law for Consumers, a recent paperback
    published by the Consumers' Association. It deals in
    simple language with aspects of the law which affect
    consumers — and, of course, retailers....

  • Blood Donors 17

    There are probably
    many people in
    the firm who have
    acted as
    Mr. W. G. Palmer
    writes here about
    his service in a
    very worthy cause
    and the need for
    more volunteers.
    Mr. W. G. Palmer
    Some 20 years ago,...

  • Unilever Part 2 18

    FOCUS ON SUPPLIERS, No. 2, Part 2
    The first part of this article, in our last issue, told the story of the growth of Lever Brothers to a dominant
    position in the soap trade and the growth of Van den Berghs and of...

  • Fresh from Friesland 22

    Fresh from Friesland
    Part 2. Bringing Dutch Butter from the Dairy to Blackfriars Loading
    The outers in the picture above contain 56 packets of butter and they're being loaded on to a trailer
    headed towards Amsterdam docks miles...

  • Onwards to Utopia 28

    M . . . . and S . . . .
    Merchants and Ships Chandlers
    Sydney Town, 1852
    Rules for the Clerical Staff
    1 Godliness, Cleanliness and Punctuality are the necessities of a good business.
    2 On the recommendation of the Governor of...

  • Footnote on New Malden 29

    Footnote on New Malden
    This picture came to us from
    Mr. A. Biddlecombe, who
    retired last year as manager
    of 1-4 Ealing. It shows the
    fresh meat and provisions
    departments of New Maiden
    branch on October 7th, 1921,

  • Griffin Report 29

    Griffin Report
    A football season that in many ways has been
    frustrating is now nearing its end.
    "H" Section have had some success in their
    initial season in the Croydon Wednesday League
    and hope to finish runners-up. " T "...

  • Cup Finals 30

    Cup Finals
    Griffin Second XI v. Acton Works II.
    In the Reserves Cup Final on March 17th Griffin 2nd XI won a decisive victory 4—2.
    A great game with plenty of aggressive play from our lads. Goal scorers were D. Thomas...

  • J.S. Veterans meet at Victoria Hall 32

    J.S. Veterans meet
    at Victoria Hall
    On April 3rd, 425 J.S. Veterans came by bus, car,
    coach and rail to Bloomsbury to hold their Annual
    Reunion and Concert. Everyone there was delighted
    to meet and congratulate Mr. Alan and...

  • Dances and Socials 34

    Here's a page of gay pictures from the
    second annual party-dance held in mid-
    February at the Tennis Club Pavilion by
    New Maiden
    branch. A lively, popular and happy event
    with old (oke-koke), new (twist), crazy

  • Appointments 35

    The following appointments to Senior Executives
    were made on March 30th, 1962.
    Staff News has been held over for inclusion in next issue.
    Mr. B. A.
    French, as head
    of the Electronic
    Data Processing

  • Factory Engineers at the Mecca 36

    Factory Engineers at the Mecca
    y.S. Factory Engineers dined and
    danced at the Mecca on March 17th
    when 200 Engineers and
    guests turned out to enjoy themselves.