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    Inverquhomery pronounced "a success "
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    Licensed to deal in Game
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    Kitchen Counsel
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    A Nice Fire
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    Wrapping it up
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    Berlin Bunker
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    ' Third Time Lucky '
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  • History Repeats Itself 03

    IT is now more than four years since the appearance of the first J.S. JOURNAL and on thumbing through our first number it appears that at the time of its publication we were very nearly as short of meat as we are now. For ...

  • Inverquhomery - pronounced "a success" 04

    SOME 500 miles north of London lies one of the farthest outposts of our firm tucked away in the north-east corner of Aberdeenshire. Known as the Inverquhomery estate, a fertile stretch of farmland, it includes five farms...

  • Licensed to deal in Game 09

    " MRS. R., we are in very serious trouble indeed," I say over the telephone some little while back, " and it's going to take all our resources to evade the long arm of the Law which has apprehended us on what it is pleased to...

  • Kitchen Counsel 12

    Seasonal Recipes WITH the shortage of meat, one inevitably turns to substitutes, and possibly the most popular, although at the moment quite expensive, alternative dishes, contain some form of fish. The usual baking, boiling...

  • A Nice Fire 13

    HAVE you ever thought how much of the fuel you buy so dearly disappears up your chimney in the form of smoke at a complete loss ? i read the other day a most interesting article by a Professor of thermodynamics that it would...

  • Wrapping it up 14

    J. L. WOODS discusses a few problems on the subject of packaging WITHOUT doubt all of us have at one time or another on handling a new product thought " This is a good label " or " This is an attractive packet " or perhaps...

  • Berlin Bunker 20

    Mr. Churchill leaving the Bunker, where Hitler was alleged to have died by J. O'BRIEN of the Transport Office NOT long after the end of hostilities in Europe I was posted to Berlin and I found on my arrival there that as a...

  • The Stamford Players Introduce 'Third Time Lucky' 22

    How often has this expression been used ? Reminiscent of days when Royalty was inspired by the spider to have yet another go ? So with the efforts of the Stamford Players in their endeavours to satisfy their audience. In...

  • The Disappearing Trick 23

    One rabbit plus one rabbit equals millions of rabbits in a very short time. But in an even shorter time they are conjured away and it's one per card, per family, per month perhaps !

  • The Scene behind the Seen 24

    The chief chemist J. H. Mallows using a special aperiodic balance THE Laboratory has been a part of our organization since 1935. Originally all examinations were carried out in the one building but in 1948 increasing ...

  • Summer in the Arctic 29

    An Ice-cap camp after a night's drift in calm weather Some time ago we supplied provisions for an expedition, made by a party of University students, to North-East Land this is their story ALMOST every year since the First ...

  • Obituary—Active List 34

    Obituary—Active List
    We regret to record the deaths of :
    Miss D. G. Brown (Saleswoman, Addiscombe).
    Joined the firm 29th March.
    1917. Died suddenly 21st November, 1950.
    Mr. E. Evans (Traffic Controller, Warehouse).

  • Retirements 34

    ttetiremett ts
    Three members of the staff who retired
    in July, 1950, had each been forty years
    with the firm—a wonderful record of
    service for Mr. J. A. Coward (Portslade),
    Mr. A. E. Maddren (189 Kensington) and
    Mr. F....

  • Third Time Lucky 35

    Stamford Players present THIRD TIME LUCKY Produced by Val Dever Wednesday, 7th March