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    What now ?
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    The New Canteen at Blackfriars
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    The Hartman Story
    Page 11
    It's Clean . . . it's Fresh
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    Candid Comment
    Page 22
    Cutting Through the Ages
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    Familiarity breeds Contempt
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    What's in a...

  • What now? 03

    THIS article is written under the shadow of the Chancellor of the Exchequer's speech announcing the need for drastic curtailment of our imports. By the time it appears in print the cuts will probably have become hard facts,...

  • The New Canteen at Blackfriars 04

    FOOD has been in the news at Black- friars in recent weeks not the normal job of buying it and selling it but, to me at least the more pleasurable task of eating it after a very long period of expectant anticipation. Months...

  • The Hartman Story 10

    A FEW months ago the firm decided to send a representative to Australia to undertake on our behalf the procurement of Poultry, Rabbits, Fruit Cake, Meat Products and the various other articles coming from that Continent ...

  • It's Clean . . . it's Fresh 13

    Hygiene plays a great part in the firm's new store at East Grinstead by F. W. SALISBURY HYGIENE is very much in the public mind at the moment. So far as the food trade is concerned it has innumerable aspects and as a result...

  • Candid Comment on our New Store 22

    The following essay was written, unknown to us, by a local schoolgirl, Ann Hess, one of a party shown round the premises when the shop was opened to public view. It was sent up to us and we thought it well worth publishing....

  • Do you mind? 23

    "Do you mind popping these in your cool counter while I have my hair done?"

  • Cutting through the Ages 24

    A Roman Cutler's Shop. IF we were to indulge in some fanciful thinking and imagine what would happen if by a stroke of devilry all butchers' knives in our shops were to suddenly lose their edge as well as the property of...

  • Familiarity breeds Contempt 29

    You just come with me, duckie WE so often become so accustomed to the things which surround us that they are apt to be taken completely for granted ; the everyday things we trade in cease to interest us. We handle, count,...

  • What's in a Name? 32

    A summer snapshot of the new Pavilion at Dulwich. V Section are well to the fore. FOR many years there stood (just) within the grounds of the Griffin at Dulwich a somewhat dilapidated structure to which the local band of Boy...

  • Obituary 34

    Mr. D. Swinger (Salesman, 6 Norwich).
    Joined the firm 4.4.49. Died 15.8.51.

  • Pensioners 34

    Mr. E. S. Turner (Works Department).
    Joined the firm 1.5.19. Retired 1.7.49.
    Died 15.9.51.
    Mr. A. Arnold (Roundsman, 66.
    Brighton). Joined the firm 1.6.05. Retired
    1.10.46. Died 8.10.51.
    Mr. A. J. Willis...

  • Retirements 34

    The following stall retired on the 1st
    October, 1951.
    Mr. A. E. Webster (Selector Examiner).
    Joined the firm 10.2.19.
    Mr. J. F. Marshall (Deputy Chargehand),
    joined the firm 2.8.38.
    Mr. J. W. Morgan...