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    The Cost of Trading
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    Who Would a Cheesemonger be?
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    Swiss Journey
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    Running Horses Yard
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    Two Sausages
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    Festival Fires
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    JJS. at the South Bank
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    51 Ealing Burnt Out
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  • The Cost of Trading 03

    FROM the comments we have heard on our last number there seems to be no doubt that the centre spread devoted to the cost of everyday articles issued from the Stores Department came as a surprise and eye-opener to a great...

  • Who would a Cheesemonger be? 04

    THERE is probably no food sold to-day in the modern provision shop requiring greater skill and attention than the many varieties of cheese now offered to the public. May we with all diffidence state (although this will not...

  • Swiss Journey 09

    FOUR short days in Switzerland is not unlike an aperitif, short and sweet, exciting and interesting, and on an empty stomach heady. I consider myself very fortunate indeed, however, to have been given the opportunity to ...

  • Running Horses Yard 17

    A comment on the new EMPTIES DEPT., reprinted from " MOTOR TRANSPORT '? ONE of the largest firms of provision merchants in the country is J. Sainsbury, Ltd., with headquarters at Blackfriars, London, and retail shops...

  • Two Sausages 22

    Reproduced by permission of the Proprietors of "Punch.' THE woman said " What are two sausages ? Two sausages ! " The man woke to consciousness that he was being addressed. " What did you say ? " he asked her. " Two...

  • . . . and as we leave the Festival 25

    . . . and as we leave the Festival we see St. Paul's to our left and St. Amford House on the right

  • Festival Fires 26

    by ALAN JARVIS, Head of Oxford House, Bethnal Green NOW that the Festival of Britain is safely launched, and in all its many aspects seems to be on the way to a great success, it is worth looking back to the time, not many...

  • J.S. at the South Bank 28

    SOME TIME ago J.S. were approached by the South Bank authorities to co- operate in the dressing of a refriger- ator cabinet in the Country Pavilion of the section called the " Natural Scene." This photograph shows our Exhibit ...

  • 51 Ealing burnt out 29

    Two photographs taken on the morning after the fire at 51 Ealing. An idea of the state of the shop can be visualised although much of the debris had already been cleared. The lower picture shows clearly how the extreme heat...

  • Of Aprons and Overalls 30

    Protective clothing and hygiene THE origins of types of clothing used as a protection against industrial hazards and discomforts are somewhat obscure. In the Stone Age, when men were men, and women were dragged around by ...

  • "Good morning . . . this is P.B.X." 33

    A photograph of our new switchboard in action. (If you're wondering what P.B.X. means, it stands for Private Branch Exchange.) Installed in a specially built room on thejoof of Stamford House, it has been in operation for about...

  • Obituary 34

    Hooper. On April 20th, 1951, at Two Elms, Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham, LlEUT.-COLONEL ARNOLD FlELDER HOOPER, O.B.E., T.D., F.R.I.B.A., F.R.I.C.S. Many members of the staff will have learned with regret of the passing of "...

  • Retirements 34

    Retirements Mr. Joseph Henry Graveney, Manager of Beckenham from 28th July, 1941, retired on 21st April, 1951. Engaged 2nd October, 1906. During his 44 years' service he was at the following branches : 13/15 Blackfriars, ...