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    Meat Distribution and its Problems
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    Coming East Young Man?
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    Notable Invalids
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    Kitchen Counsel
    Page 16-17
    The Cost of Service
    Page 18-19
    What's All the Puss About?
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    A Message from...

  • Sainsbury's Welcome :- 03

    How many of us could have foreseen, ten years ago, when rationing was lirst introduced, that live years after the war we should still be concerned with registrations ? Certainly not many of us. and most probably had it not...

  • Meat Distribution and its Problems 04

    An abridged version of a paper read by Mr. W. M. Pooley, Director of Meat Distribution, to members of the Institute of Meat on February 20th. The present system of distributing meat was designed for a period of shortage it...

  • Coming East Young Man? 08

    A further tour through some of London's East End THIS historic, interesting part of London derives no small measure of importance from the three or four miles of frontage to the River Thames. Along a good deal of its...

  • Notable Invalids 13

    No laying - I'm laid low ! IN times when meat is more plentiful the amount of poultry consumed in most homes is quite small except perhaps at Christmas and other special occasions. Prior to the last war, in fact, the...

  • Kitchen Counsel 16

    Roaming among: the "* Gadgets "" at the IDEAL HOME EXHIBITION AFTER examining priceless furniture, draperies, refrigerators, geysers and other things for which one has always longed, and with a sigh had to pass by, as...

  • All About Eggs 17

    In the hope that eggs will soon become more plentiful, these recipes should prove a change from the more traditional poaching, boiling and frying. Puffy Omelette 2 Eggs. 2 tablespoonfuls hot water. Salt and pepper. ...

  • The Cost of Service 18

    Do you realize just how much these stores items cost now? and this is only a selection of those we use Meat Twine 1939 1950 1951 Butter Wraps i«:n> 1950 Pencils 1951 I9:t9 1950 1951 1939 1950 1951 «Ml....

  • What's All the Fuss About ? 20

    CIVILISATION, we are told, is only skin deep. Have you ever noticed how a somewhat trite remark can start you thinking ? What is the difference between the life of centuries ago compared with modern life ? The contrasts arc...

  • Plain or milk, madam ? 25

    Plain or milk, madam ?

  • A Message from the Griffin Executive To All Tennis Players 26

    ine l9so in excelient Joan to a. c°nsiderahi h e wa y of ™ Polities courts Tri°us * S * q u a n 4 o f W 8 a"d d u«ng the c . e u s e «.&£? a « C S m U s t !e any r u v 6 P a r t i n f o , 3 w o u ' d b o nVu Keen men...

  • J. Safety, Ltd. 27

    ACCIDENTS and injuries on the road are to-day causing the authorities great concern, and as yet there does not appear to be any solution beyond every road user, be he motor driver, cyclist or pedestrian, exercising extreme...

  • The Scene behind the Seen 29

    The Second of the Series by J. H. MALLOWS Watering of wine was not unknown . ADULTERATION of foods has been recorded since the development of commerce and as was natural the staple foods attracted early attentions....

  • Obituary 34

    We very much regret to record the
    deaths of
    G. H. Brown, Manager of 10!
    Golders Green, who originally joined
    the firm in June, 1920. He left for a
    period and rejoined later and was
    appointed manager. He died on...

  • Retirements 34

    G. Hamilton, Representative of the
    Catering Dept of 13/15 Blackfriars,
    joined the firm in September, 1922.
    Retired July. 1950.
    W. J. Miller, of the Garage, joined
    the firm in September, 1934. Retired...