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  • Sainsbury's Discount '78—it's going great! 01

    SAINSBURY'S stormed the High Street on
    January 10 with the launch of DISCOUNT 78, the
    name given to the company's new massive
    discounting operation.
    represents a fundamental change in the
    company's pricing...

  • All the signs of a big success . . . 02

    All the signs of a big success . . .
    Chairman John Sainsbury (pictured
    right at the Discount '78 press conference
    on January 9) sums up the
    success of the operation so far...
    It is too early to assess the success of

  • Contents Page 02

    Pages 1-2, 4-5
    DISCOUNT '78
    Pages 3,6-7
    General news
    Pages 8-15, 24
    Pages 16-17,22
    Pages 20-23

  • Hard work pays off handsomely 02

    Hard work pays off handsomely
    staff worked round the clock to prepare
    the shelves for 'D-Day' on Tuesday. In
    many branches work began in earnest on
    Saturday when prices were changed on

  • Brighton 78 The Future in Store 03

    Brighton 78 The Future in Store
    Sainsbury's Retail Managers'Conference
    IT'S BACK TO BRIGHTON for this
    year's manager's conference. Last year it
    was held at London's Intercontinental
    Hotel, this time the venue is a return...

  • Christmas trading right on target 03

    Christmas trading right on target
    CHRISTMAS TRADE was right up to
    expectations, despite the slow start at the
    beginning of the Christmas period.
    The record for a single week's trading
    was slashed twice, once in the week...

  • Radio award for JS ad 03

    Radio award for JS ad
    SOFT, ROMANTIC MUSIC is in the
    background. Two dancers are circling the
    floor. A husky male voice says: 'Darling,
    you look marvellous in black.' His partner
    replies: 'Head and Shoulders shampoo,

  • The egg and I 03

    The egg and I
    HUMPTY DUMPTY on ice was a
    sparkling success for over two thousand
    five hundred JS staff who saw the ice
    pantomime on January 9.
    The night out to Wembley's Empire
    Pool was organised by the SSA and...

  • The Great Wine Quiz 03

    THE GRAPEVINE tells us the combination of Christmas, New Year and
    Discount '78 left little time for entering our Wine Quiz. And a tendril on
    the same grapevine tells us the quiz was just a shade harder than in
    previous years. A...

  • What, why, how and who? 04

    What, why, how and who?
    An important policy change
    like DISCOUNT '78 is bound
    to raise a lot of questions in
    the minds of everyone working
    at JS. Here, with the help of
    departmental director,
    personnel, Angus Clark, the

  • You get it straight from Sainsbury's 04

    DISCOUNT '78 represents a major departure from the
    company's previous trading policies. The scheme has its
    roots in the discount marketing trials put into operation
    at a number of branches over the past 14 months. These

  • Blanket coverage on all fronts 05

    Blanket coverage on all fronts
    ONE of the most successful parts of the
    Discount 78 launch was undoubtedly
    the massive and favourable response
    by the press and broadcasting media.
    Hard work by the public relations...

  • Doing it by numbers... 06

    Doing it by numbers...
    AS THE RUMBLINGS of a bread strike
    troubled housewives and retailers alike
    JS branch trading department
    concocted a strategy which was
    designed to keep queues and chaos to
    a minimum in that whirlwind...

  • JS shampoo goes to the head in a big way! 06

    JS shampoo goes to the head in a big way!
    A FULL LITRE BOTTLE of Sainsbury's
    shampoo is proving a bubbling success in
    JS stores. The new size bottle comes in
    three new perfumes, and after the first
    month's special...

  • Seeds are a growing trend 06

    Seeds are a growing trend
    'GROWING YOUR OWN is on the
    crest of a wave at the moment' says nonfoods
    buyer John Powell. He is responsible
    for this year's selection of
    Carter's seeds which went into 49 stores
    on January...

  • Chairman toasts JS wives 07

    Chairman toasts JS wives
    THE CHAIRMAN made the first ever
    forty year lunch the perfect occasion to
    say thank you to the patient JS wives, and
    received tumultuous applause from the
    husbands for doing so.
    On 9 January, 72...

  • Pensions-exchange of contracts 07

    Pensions-exchange of contracts THE CONTRACTING OUT certificate
    which JS applied for in August 1977 from
    the Occupational Pensions Board has
    now been received. This will enable all
    full-time permanent employees working

  • Better safe than sorry 08

    Better safe than sorry
    A lot of accidents at work are our own fault.
    They could be prevented with just a little extra
    thought and attention to what's happening
    around us. Starting with this issue we have
    asked Stan Ramage,...

  • We also heard... charitable pub crawl! 08

    We also heard...charitable pub crawl!
    benefitted from the charitable enterprise
    of staff at JS's Burton-on-Trent store.
    Just before Christmas 20 of the staff,
    including the deputy manager and...

  • Memories of Christmas past . . . 09

    Memories of Christmas past . . .
    on the twelve days before Christmas JS sent to me
    Twelve bottles of label-less wine,
    Eleven empty Christmas crackers,
    Ten irate Christmas shoppers,
    Nine boxes of mouldy dates,

  • The purrfect diet for a well-bred cat 09

    AT ONLY 12 years of age Sarah Meakin
    has amazed the cat world with her champion
    British short-hairs, and the secret of
    her success she says, is the special JS diet
    she feeds her cats. 'I always mix
    Sainsbury's wholemeal bread...

  • Blackfriars trio squash the lot 10

    Blackfriars trio
    squash the lot IT'S BEEN A GOOD START to the
    New Year for Chas Stevens and his JS
    squash team. Competing in the South
    Eastern eliminators of the Austin Reed
    Squash Championship, they won through
    to the area...

  • Diving for the top 11

    Diving for the top
    The Journallooks at David Pace's unusual choice of sporting pastime. CRYSTAL PALACE Sports Centre,
    South London, on a cold bleak night in
    early January. On a concrete platform ten
    metres (33 feet) above the...

  • Sainsbury's Ready to Warehouse Collection 12

    SPRING ARRIVED EARLY at Buntingford depot on a cold
    and windy January day when the latest JS fashions were
    paraded around the warehouses and offices. To the admiring
    glances of their colleagues models Shirley, Sarah,...

  • The search begins for Miss Sainsbury 1978 14

    The search begins for Miss Sainsbury 1978
    A last look at the
    eight personality-plus girls competing
    in this year's Miss JS Competition Lesley Godson
    PROMOTION is what Lesley Godson
    wants this year. Not for herself, but...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. 'Gigs' and gags
    From: JW Tack, JS Veteran (and retired
    I had to smile when I read in the
    Christmas Journal about myself being the
    first DJ and...

  • Disney mice say cheese is twice as nice at Sainsbury's 17

    Disney mice say cheese is twice as nice at Sainsbury's
    TWO FIVE FOOT MICE were seen
    scampering around the gondolas at JS's
    Bretton store just before Christmas. The
    mice, who star in the new Disney film 'The
    Rescuers', visited...

  • Going back works wonders 18

    Going back works wonders
    A NEW IDEA for JS veterans, organised
    by Streatham office staff last month looks
    like becoming a winner. On December 9 a
    group of retired Streatham employees
    revisited their old place of work to see...

  • The Rev's success is in the bag! 18

    The Rev's success is in the bag!
    STAR of the family service every Sunday
    in Oakwood Methodist Church is a JS
    carrier bag. The Rev Elliott Davidson,
    newly arrived minister at the north London
    church, uses the bag to bring on...

  • Heart and sole help Wendy raise £60 19

    Heart and sole help Wendy raise £60
    THESE FEET were made for walking,
    and that's just what they did. Last month
    24-year-old Wendy Holloway, a senior
    programmer at Blackfriars, walked 60
    miles for charity and succeeded in...

  • Trolley-shooter 19

    TELFORD'S TROLLEYS have been
    leading Harry Ladds a merry trail over
    the last twelve months. Harry, a 72-yearold
    pensioner who lives on the outskirts
    of the new town, set himself the task of
    retrieving the...

  • Appointments 20

    D Butolph, formerly manager Blackpole,
    has been appointed manager of Cannon
    A Snow, formerly manager of Worcester
    Central, has been appointed manager
    of Blackpole.
    B Thake, formerly manager of...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Brian Franklin, branch engineering
    Blackfriars, celebrated 40 years with JS
    on December 20.
    Mr Franklin started as a cost clerk in
    the engineering department. After the
    war he took up a post in the...

  • Obituary 20

    Derek Skinner, warehouse foreman
    Buntingford depot, died on November
    26. He had been with the company for
    over 11 years.

  • Retirements 20

    James Baxter, farmworker, Inverquhomery
    farm, retired on December
    30 after 31 years on Sainsbury's Scottish
    beef farm.
    Mr Baxter started with the company
    just after the war, and has worked on the
    farm ever...

  • Derby help out Aussie Santa 21

    Derby help out Aussie Santa
    CHRISTMAS HAMPERS are usually
    associated with the champagne and caviar
    style of Fortnum and Mason, but for one
    Australian thoughts of festive food
    brought to mind JS's famous delicacies.

  • Successful misadventure 21

    Successful misadventure
    up as a success story thanks to the efficient
    and courteous response of staff at
    Lordshill branch.
    When the bottom fell out of a box of
    shopping a customer was...

  • Walsall steals the show! 21

    Walsall steals the show!
    WALSALL hit the jackpot at the Midlands
    area's dinner and dance, held just
    before Christmas. Nearly 300 people
    from Walsall branch, staff, families and
    friends, attended the dance. Anyone from

  • Are you being served . . . 22

    Are you being served . . . ALL CHANGE at Hoddesdon depot for
    the canteen staff's Christmas lunch. For
    the second successful year depot manager,
    Peter Speight, and his managerial staff
    turned the dining tables on the...


    Well done to the 35 entrants in December's
    Archives Quiz, and congratulations to the
    winner—Caroline Gye of site potential
    statistics at Clapham. Caroline got nine out of
    ten correct answers and so wins £5 of...

  • What's in store at JS . . . 24

    What's in store at JS . . .
    Building programme
    Cowley Supermarket with integral freezer centre and
    (Oxford) bakery. First stage opened September 1977.
    Completion scheduled for mid 1978.
    Newcastle- Supermarket with integral...