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  • One, two, three—get ready to go 01

    There is no Text

  • Lucky Severn 02

    local press, the new Sainsbury supermarket
    at Worle, near Weston-super-
    Mare, opened its doors to brisk trade on
    October 17. The hippopotami—four of
    them—are similar to the ones that...

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  • Be prepared for the big carve-up 04

    Be prepared for the big carve-up
    THE CUT AN' ROAST of Christmas is
    well provided for by JS's hardware buying
    department with a carving dish and a
    special turkey roasting tin. The carving
    dish is made of stainless steel, costs...

  • Christmas hols 04

    Christmas hols
    A LONG WEEKEND for nearly everyone
    at JS this Christmas. To the outside
    world JS will be shut for three days from
    Monday December 25 to Wednesday
    December 27. Behind the scenes however,
    key people throughout...

  • Introducing... 04

    A NEW ARRIVAL on tights displays
    throughout the company is a range of 15
    denier plain-knit one-size tights.
    Featuring a built-in 35 denier brief line
    pantie the range replaces the existing 20
    denier fine-knit tights....

  • Prices tea party 04

    Prices tea party
    JS HAS DONE IT AGAIN! The price of
    Red and Brown Label tea and PG Tips
    has been cut by a lp a quarter; and within
    two hours of the JS cuts being announced
    there was news that Tesco had followed
    suit with...

  • JS puds go Dutch 05

    JS puds go Dutch
    JS PUDDINGS are certainly gaining an
    international reputation. Following last
    month's story in the Journal about the
    way they're made, Andy Anderson,
    transport shift manager at Basingstoke
    depot, told us...

  • Special offer 05

    Special offer
    MIKE BARRATT, hero of the Discount
    '78 promotion, having parked his gleaming
    silver-grey S-registration Mercedes at
    a meter near his office in the West End of
    London, was surprised on his return to
    see what he...

  • Supper date at Hempstead 05

    Supper date at Hempstead
    LIKE all big productions, Hempstead SavaCentre had the benefit of a dress rehearsal a
    week before the opening. On October 11 one hundred members of the Oasis Club were
    invited to shop at the new store...

  • The sweet smell of success 05

    The sweet smell of success
    IT'S CLEAN, it's fresh, it's the latest
    additions to JS's health and beauty range.
    For all over lovliness there's four additions
    to the own-label soap range.
    Depending on your mood, for 14Jp...

  • Bowthorpe's country code 06

    Bowthorpe's country code
    Traditional Norfolk architecture sets Bowthorpe apart from other JS stores. BOWTHORPE is not just a new JS store
    on the outskirts of Norwich—it is a new
    way of life for 13,500 people. The opening

  • a star is born 08

    Nine months ago
    Hempstead SavaCentre
    was just a massive, empty
    brick shell. The excitement
    that has surrounded its
    transformation into one of
    the most impressive
    shopping halls in Kent
    reached fever pitch on
    October 17,...

  • Derek makes the right connections 11

    Derek and a SavaCentre control panel.
    Just the job
    This month the Journal
    takes a look at the work
    of one of JS's engineers. Derek makes the right connections 'IT'S NOT THE BIG PROBLEMS that
    cause the trouble, it's the little...

  • East, West—JS is best 12

    East, West—JS is best One foot in the East and
    the other in the West,
    Holly shows off her
    dungarees—£3.95, navy
    and brown brushed denim. As the leaves begin to pile up on the pavements
    and the season of mists and...

  • Safety first and last 14

    For the past ten years JS has been encouraging staff to
    use their heads and protect their feet from possible
    injury at work, by offering subsidised safety shoes to
    everyone whose job could put them in the way of

  • Engineer, captain, cook 18

    Right: Robert Hayday, our consultant
    cake artist preparing for the icing
    operation. CAKE DECORA TOR engineer
    extraordinaire! This unlikely combination
    is found in Robert Hayday, area engineer

  • The icing on the cake 18

    The icing on the cake
    WITH HOME BAKING in mind as we
    come all too quickly to Christmas, and
    with JS stores now sporting icing
    utensils and many other seasonal
    cooking aids, we asked Robert as an
    obvious expert to give us a...

  • Taste of things to come 19

    Taste of things to come
    Christmas, JS stores now not only stock
    the food—they also have a brand new
    and specially commissioned 'Sainsbury
    Cookbook' to help you add a bit of zest to
    your festive...

  • Family Day '79 20

    Family Day '79
    this year's Family Day at Dulwich looks
    set to be repeated next year. The organising
    committee will be meeting this month
    to lay the foundations for a day that they
    hope will be even...


    THE LAST WINNER of a bottle of wine the Journal's photo competition is Stan
    Terrett, depot engineer at Basingstoke. His picture—'The Pumpkin Eaters'—went
    into the big bundle for the judges to see and stands a chance to win...

  • Your letters 20

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Haughty-culture
    supply control, From: L Anderson,
    Is it not possible for the SSA to bring a
    little culture into our dull lives?...

  • Appointments 21

    RUTH GUY joins the Journal this
    month as an assistant editor. Ruth, who
    is 22, was previously editor of a technical
    insurance publication for Lloyd's.
    Before that she worked on Lloyd's house
    Born not...

  • Best of all 21

    Best of all
    JS DEPOTS ARE TOPS with Bird's Eye
    lorry driver Mr J Barlow. Mr Barlow
    recently retired after a total of 50 years on
    the road, the last 25 years of them delivering
    frozen food for Bird's Eye.
    Looking back on his...

  • Long service 21

    Long service
    George Bowyer, meat manager at Debden
    branch, celebrated 25 years with the company
    on October 12.
    Mr Bowyer has worked at many shops
    during his career with JS, including the
    old Forest Gate branch, 34...

  • Obituary 21

    Charles Bayley, produce manager at
    Leicester branch, died on September 24
    after a short illness. He had been with the
    company for 49 years, and was due to
    retire only four weeks after his death.
    Mr Bayley joined JS...

  • Retirements 21

    Eddie Milne, the greive (farm foreman) at
    Inverquhomery Farm, retired on October 7
    after 25 years with JS.
    Mr Milne joined the firm to work with
    the Aberdeen Angus pedigree breeding
    herd in the early 'fifties and...

  • The ace of club's dinner 22

    The ace of club's dinner
    tucked into a slap-up meal at the Royal
    Lancaster Hotel on October 9 when the
    JS 25 Club held its ninth annual dinner.
    On the menu? Mousse de poisson, consomme

  • Carol's number one 23

    Carol's number one
    CAROL MEREDITH is so shy she nearly
    ran away when she heard she had been
    chosen to represent the South-East in
    this year's Miss JS Competition.
    Carol, a petite 17-year-old, is a
    supermarket assistant at...

  • Chris wins the day 23

    Chris wins
    the day
    BASINGSTOKE DEPOT'S top driver,
    Chris Preston, put up a creditable display
    at the national final of Commercial
    Motor's Lorry Driver of the Year competition
    on September 3. Chris, who won
    his heat at...

  • Drury Lane's last curtain call—twenty years on 24

    Drury Lane's last curtain call—twenty years on
    THE FIRST SAINSBURY SHOP, at 173 Drury Lane, closed 20
    years ago this month, on November 10. Geoffrey Pawsey
    managed the shop from 1952 until its closure and he...