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  • Christmas crackers! 01

    Parties, pretty girls and the search for Miss JS 1979
    Christmas crackers! STUDENT AND BAKERY assistant
    Julie Hassell has been chosen as
    Miss JS eastern region. An 18-
    year-old student worker, Julie
    comes from Coldham's...

  • Bread rises 02

    Bread rises
    BREAD PRICE increases were announced
    on December 7—only the second cost
    rise this year—and the new prices were
    implemented at JS stores on the following
    The increases, although occurring on
    the same...

  • Bully for JS beef 02

    Bully for JS beef
    renamed the Sainsbury show—or at least
    that's what top breeders were saying
    when J Sainsbury (Farms) Limited
    walked off with the prize for Supreme
    Champion Heifer on December...

  • Coastal conferences 02

    Coastal conferences
    A TWO DAY TRIP to the seaside is one of
    the first items JS senior and retail management
    will be noting in their 1979 diaries.
    On January 14 and 15 senior management
    will be attending a conference at the...

  • Contents Page 02

    Pages 1-7
    General news
    Pages 8-16 and 24
    Page 17
    Pages 18-22
    Page 23

  • Final moves 02

    Final moves
    REHOUSING PLANS for departments
    at Clapham have been taking effect over
    the last three weeks, and by December 18
    they will all be settled in their new locations
    at Blackfriars.
    Just over three years ago the...

  • Sidcup FC gets a warm welcome 03

    Sidcup FC gets a warm welcome
    'A TIMELY INVASION' says William
    Black, manager of the company's new
    freezer centre at Sidcup which opened on
    Friday, December 1. A Friday opening is
    unusual at JS but it was timed to tie...

  • A CASE of mistaken identity 04

    A CASE of mistaken identity cropped up
    in last month's issue of the Journal. In
    our report of the opening of the new
    Ashford supermarket, we printed a picture
    purporting to show BPO Rita Culley
    and some of her staff....

  • A discerning port of call 04

    A discerning port of call
    slopes of the Douro valley in Northern
    Portugal comes the latest addition to the
    JS wine list—an own-label 'fine old port'.
    Selling at £2.15p in all stores with...


    APOLOGIES to al I ou r readers who were looki ng forward to the second part of
    our feature on high fibre diets. Difficulties caused in part by the continuing
    bakers strike have meant that we were unable to complete the article....

  • Foot loose and fancy dress! 04

    Foot loose and fancy dress!
    RADAR RECEIVED £122.25 as the
    result of the efforts of three walkers from
    Stratford branch. RADAR isn't one of the
    stars of M*A*S*H, it's the Royal Society
    for Disability and Rehabilitation,...

  • Old Style tray-ding 04

    TEA-TIME is going to be nostalgia time for those who have bought the new JS
    tea-tray. Good value too at 79 pence, the 12 inches square tray features the
    first ever Sainsbury's depot, at Kentish town, and shows the...

  • Half-time score 05

    Half-time score
    SUNDAY FOOTBALL at the Griffin
    has so far had an uninterrupted season.
    Pitches have been dry and hard, and the
    recent cold weather made them very slippery,
    but so far the football has been of a

  • Helping hands 05

    Helping hands
    MORE STAFF THAN EVER have volunteered
    to give up their free time to help
    keep their branches open so elderly and
    disabled people can do their Christmas
    shopping in comfort.
    Over the past few years more and...

  • Hornchurch's new 'centre' piece 06

    Hornchurch's new
    'centre' piece
    Above: Cashier specialist Doris Mardle
    (left) and cashier Marion Wall from
    Upminster, man the emergency till. Right:
    Business was so brisk at one time queues at
    the checkouts went the length...

  • JS is the toast of the tasters 07

    JS is the toast of the tasters
    ONCE AGAIN JS WINES have proved
    themselves the tasters' favourites. In last
    year's 'Good Wine Guide' Sainsbury's
    wines compared very favourably with the
    competition. This year's...

  • Not so Dustee bright idea 07

    Not so Dustee bright idea
    AN INTERNATIONAL TV STAR turned up at Basingstoke depot early this month to
    promote the SSA section's Christmas draw. Billed as having appeared on TV in Britain
    and France, half the depot were...

  • Ian 'shops' early for Christmas 08

    Ian 'shops' early for Christmas
    turkey buying are nearly complete by the
    September of the same year' explains JS
    poultry buyer Ian Baldwin when discussing
    some of the problems behind this

  • A share of the action! 09

    Above: A coachload of fun and friendly
    faces. Left: Peter Downes outlines the
    itinerary for the day. Below left: The
    veterans enjoy their first Christmas lunch
    of the season. Below right: A visit to see
    Father Christinas was...

  • Epsom goes on exhibition 10

    Epsom goes on exhibition
    Above: An artist's impression of how the Odeon site would look if the JS scheme gets the go-ahead.
    Above: The frontage of the Odeon site as it looks today.
    Above: Barbara Logan answers a housewife's...

  • JS own-label party packs! 12

    JS own-label party packs!
    Now is the winter of JS's disco bent,
    at least that's what it looks like from
    the Journal office. We've been out
    and about capturing some of that
    Christmas fun—with Balham branch
    at the Griffin...

  • The pick of the pics 14

    The pick of the pics
    THE BATTLE OF THE CAMERAS has finally drawn to a
    close. As we announced last month, three lucky (not to
    mention skilled) entrants were chosen by judges Brian
    Shuel and Sidney Harding from a 70 strong...

  • What next... ? 16

    What next... ?
    enough money to buy a kidney machine,
    a couple of guide dogs and to send a
    bunch of needy youngsters on a seaside
    holiday, the Stamford Group is looking
    for a new target to work...

  • Your letters 17

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Just the jacket!
    From: R A Trimble, chief clerk, Redditch
    It was very encouraging to read your
    article in the JS Journal about the new store

  • The life and sporting times of Reg 18

    The life and sporting times of Reg
    butcher, and he kept on telling me what a
    good firm it was. In the end I gave in and
    applied for a job.' That was Reg Ranger's
    introduction to the company and at...

  • Stan's a happy man 19

    Stan's a happy man
    'I ENJOYED every minute of it' says
    Stan Burtenshaw of his 48 years with JS.
    Stan retires on December 23 as assistant
    manager at Burnt Oak and he has the
    same enthusiasm for his job and happy
    attitude to...

  • Appointments 20

    N Bacon, formerly deputy manager of
    Kingston branch, has been appointed
    manager of the New Maiden store.
    W Black, formerly manager of
    Bexleyheath branch, has been appointed
    manager of the Sidcup freezer...

  • JS cold store reminds Soviets of home! 20

    JS cold store reminds Soviets of home!
    TELFORD BRANCH was honoured by
    a visit from a small group of Soviet
    planners on December 4. Deputy
    manager Ian Atherton accompanied the
    gentlemen on a twenty minute tour of
    the store...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Ken Hebberd, area produce specialist at
    the Woking area office, celebrated 40
    years with the company on December 13.
    Mr Hebberd joined JS at the 96
    Kilburn shop and subsequently did relief
    work around North West...

  • Retirements 20

    'Charlie' Coppen, leading delicatessen assistant
    at Central Ilford branch, retired in
    November after 41 years with the
    Mr Coppen joined JS at the Gants Hill
    shop and worked there until called up to

  • Eric plans to enjoy the scenery! 21

    Eric plans to enjoy the scenery!
    CATCHING UP with Eric Kaye on his
    very last working day with JS was no easy
    feat! As assistant area meat specialist for
    the Woking area, he was racing around
    saying fond farewells to all the...

  • Douglas wins through 22

    Douglas wins through
    THE FOOD BUSINESS is a family
    tradition for Douglas Schlaepfer, reserve
    manager at High Wycombe, who retired
    on December 9 after nearly 41 years with
    the company. Douglas's Swiss father was

  • Pudding on the style! 23

    Pudding on the style!
    'COUNT YOUR PUDDINGS before they are cooked' advises a
    delightful Christmas recipe and price list published by JS in
    1931. The leaflet tells us the pudding count is necessary
    because ' . . . if you have...

  • A dozen of the best . . . 24

    There is no Text