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  • Summertime news! 01

    Summertime news!
    NO NEED TO MISS OUT on what's
    been happening at JS while you've been on
    your summer holiday—catch up with the
    news in this month's issue of the JSJ.
    We've been out and about on your behalf,
    now all you've...

  • After effects of salmon poisoning 02

    REVERBERATIONS from the canned
    salmon scare are still being felt in the food
    retail industry, several weeks after that
    fateful day at the end of July when four
    people in Birmingham contracted botulism
    from eating a 1\ ounce...

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  • Iced coffee 02

    Iced coffee
    A REPORTED LOSS of up to 30 per
    cent of this year's coffee crop in Brazil
    due to late frosts has led to some
    anxiety in the trade about possible
    price increases. To date the actual
    damage has not been quantified,...

  • Open and shut case 02

    Open and shut case
    AS ONE DOOR CLOSES another opens
    at Solihull this month. On September 16
    the existing JS store (opened in 1966) and
    independent freezer centre (opened in
    1975) close their doors for the last time.

  • Reading matter 02

    Reading matter
    THE TOP TWENTY book titles will be
    going on sale at six JS supermarkets this
    month. Depending on the success of this
    new venture into the world of books, 'top
    titles' could in time be on sale at nearly all

  • SavaCentre (2) 02

    SavaCentre (2)
    SAVACENTRE number two is to open
    on October 17. Work on the site, which is
    at Hempstead, near Gillingham in Kent, 's we^ a^ea<^- Store director Bill Oakey
    has been in 'residence' since the spring.
    He reports:...

  • Weather or not... 02

    Weather or not...
    A DISMAL SUMMER has its consolations.
    Despite one of the three wettest
    and coldest summers in the last century
    there are indications that at least some
    farmers can expect to produce bumper
    Worst hit...

  • New warehouse opens at Hoddesdon 03

    New warehouse opens at Hoddesdon
    HODDESDON DEPOT has increased
    its warehousing capacity by 9,000
    square feet with the opening of a
    new warehouse just across the road
    from the main depot. The new
    building, which JS is leasing...

  • Hippo birthday! 04

    Hippo birthday!
    at Lords Hill took the form of a magnificent
    cake, the work of bakery manager
    Geoff Permain, and an anniversary dance
    at the City Centre, attended by over 150
    staff and their...

  • Historic building of the future 04

    Historic building of the future
    one of the masterpieces of the 1970's.
    That's how the president of the Royal
    Institute of British Architects Gordon
    Graham sees the Sainsbury Centre for...

  • Hove to until August 29 04

    Hove to until August 29
    HOLIDAY on August 29 a new JS freezer
    centre opened at George Street, Hove,
    Sussex. It has a sales area of 215 square
    metres and two mini-twin-bay checkouts.
    As well as a...

  • Self-expression 04

    EXPRESS CHECKOUTS will be in
    operation at all JS supermarkets by the
    end of the year. This follows the success
    of experiments with different express
    checkout systems, carried out at selected
    branches over the...

  • It's quicker (and safer) by tube 05

    Southgate branch has been trying out a cash
    collection system that has put their takings up in the air
    It's quicker (and safer) by tube CASH HAS BEEN DISAPPEARING
    through a hole in the ceiling at Southgate
    branch and the staff...

  • Chicken coup! 06

    Chicken coup!
    A NEW LOGO for a new range of
    Sainsbury-Spillers roast chicken products
    met with success in a recent Commercial
    Motor magazine competition.
    The distinctive orange, brown and
    white 'Quinton Farms' symbol won...

  • Pets corner—the market market 06

    Pets corner—the market
    JS'S PET CARE RANGE is proving so
    successful it is to go in another nine
    branches this month and a further five in
    October. Pet care went in four branches
    this February on a trial basis. By...

  • JS sews and reaps 07

    JS sews and reaps
    CUSTOMERS are cottoning on to the
    convenience of being able to stock up
    their sewing baskets as well as their larders
    when they shop at JS.
    Haberdashery was introduced at six
    branches in February this year....

  • Torchlight procession 07

    'LET THERE BE LIGHT' said the hardware buying department,
    and lo, there were seven kinds of torches in all 102
    branches that already sell batteries. The torches, made by
    two of the country's brand leaders, cover a wide range...

  • Liquid gold 08

    Liquid gold
    We orbit the source
    of JS's prize-winning lager
    These pictures weren't supplied by NASA—left is a syrup tank
    and right a view down into the mash vessel.
    Right: The malt store. It doesn't take much of an expert...

  • MAN & BOY at JS 12

    Visitors to the SSA Family Day in June got the chance to put their perceptive powers to the
    test with a competition that asked them to pair off two groups of photographs.One group
    showed a number of JSdirectors and departmental...

  • CRYSTAL PALACE FOOTBALL CLUB wots the score? 14

    SUMMER FINALLY ARRIVED last month when the new
    football season got under way. In weather better suited
    to cricket than football the clubs began their long trek
    towards honours, watched by the hundreds of thousands
    of keen...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Dependant husbands
    From: Sue Hart, non-foods laboratory,
    As a married woman contributing to the
    JS pension and death benefit scheme, I

  • Market site 17

    Market site
    PLANS TO BUILD a new JS supermarket
    next door to the new Covent
    Garden Market were submitted to Lambeth
    Borough Council in July. The site
    fronts the Wandsworth Road and adjoins
    the railway line to the north. At...

  • Shop 'n' swim at Purley 17

    JS GETS IN THE SWIM of things at
    Purley with the news that the company's
    scheme to build a supermarket with adjacent
    swimming pool has been given the
    go-ahead by Croydon Borough Council.
    As well as a full-size swimming pool...

  • Don's busy doing nothing 18

    Don's busy doing nothing
    where Arthur Green first came into contact
    with the world of Sainsbury's, and
    it's something he's never regretted. That
    was back in March 1934 and at the end of
    June of...

  • John strikes up a new tune 19

    John strikes up a new tune
    'I'D NEVER heard of Sainsbury's before
    I arrived in London' says John Williams,
    manager of the pork products department.
    That was back in the summer of
    1936 and young John had come to the city

  • Appointments 20

    K Wood, at present area general manager
    for the Uxbridge area, has been seconded
    to SavaCentre Limited. He will be acting
    as deputy general manager.
    R Guiney, currently a district manager
    in the Bromley area,...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    Tommy Thomas, assistant manager of the
    distribution division transport section in
    Blackfriars, celebrated 40 years with the
    company in August.
    Mr Thomas joined JS at the Union
    Street meat department as...

  • Obituary 21

    Gwen Angus, a part-time supermarket
    assistant at Winton branch, died in July
    after a short illness. Mrs Angus had
    joined the company in 1965.
    Jack Holt, a store serviceman at
    Broadmarsh branch, died in late July....

  • Retirements 21

    Ernest Kitchen, store service assistant at Bedford branch, retired in June after 20
    years service.
    Mr Kitchen started his career with JS at
    the old manual shop and his duties included
    such things as skinning...

  • Snap yourself a winner 21

    Snap yourself a winner
    THIS MONTH'S wine winner in the
    Journal's photo competition is Terry
    Wright, deputy manager of Waltham
    Cross branch. Terry's nut chewing
    squirrel is an excellent example of our
    'Eating' theme, as well...

  • Bill starts life afresh 22

    Bill starts life afresh
    'A SECOND HONEYMOON' is what
    retirement means to Bill Tucker and his
    wife Peggy. 'We have been married 38
    years and this will be the first time we
    have both had no outside committments
    and no family...

  • Seven-up student! 22

    Seven-up student!
    MARTIN EVES retired from JS on
    August 5 at the grand old age of 22. Staff
    at Kingston branch, where he has worked
    for the past seven years, noted the occasion
    with a retirement party and presented
    him with...

  • Don takes the rough with the smooth 23

    Don takes the rough with the smooth
    THE WEATHER off the coast of Iceland
    left Don Milsom cold. So he decided to
    travel south to warmer climes. Which is
    how at the age of 15 he came to swop the
    life of a Hull fisherman for...

  • Windows and weddings 24

    Windows and weddings
    MISS CHURN married Mr Nut as part of a 1913 window display at Burlington Parade,
    later 87 Ealing. This promotional marriage was known as the 'Union of the Day'. A
    double weight quality was sold—you paid a...