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  • CLOSE ENCOUNTERS of the best kind 01

    Dulwich was invaded on June 18 by 12,000 happy families who between them staged an event that was out of this world

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  • Four star opening 02

    Four star opening
    TANKED UP and ready to go is the
    petrol station at Newcastle-Under-Lyme
    branch which opened on July 3.
    The station has four pumps, all dispensing
    four star grade petrol at a cost of
    68p a gallon—the...

  • Grape expectations 02

    Grape expectations
    home-brew and winemaking market on
    July 4. This is the day three JS stores
    (Kempston, Northampton and Bitterne)
    start selling a full-range of beer and wine
    making kits,...

  • More Clapham moves 02

    More Clapham moves
    THE EXODUS continues with the move
    on June 19 of the estates department and
    site potential from Clapham to Blackfriars.
    This leaves the architects department,
    design engineers, branch...

  • Tesco—cut-price profits? 02

    Tesco—cut-price profits?
    THE PRICE of Tesco's Operation Checkout
    seems to have been paid out of the
    company's pre-tax profit for 1977/78.
    Tesco's recently published end of year
    results show that although sales had...

  • Around the world in a dozen days 03

    clocked up 25,937 miles in 12 days during
    his recent business trip to the United
    States of America and Australia. On the
    first leg of his tour, which began at
    Heathrow on May 24, he was accompanied

  • Clubhouse gets OK 03

    Clubhouse gets OK
    GOOD NEWS for the staff at Basingstoke
    depot. Their long awaited clubhouse
    has got the go-ahead and building commenced
    on July 3.
    The clubhouse will have two bars, one
    designed as a multi-purpose room...

  • Coventry takes to the green 03

    Coventry takes to the green
    COVENTRY AREA successfully got
    themselves into a hole 27 times over on
    June 5 at their first Midland area golf
    day. It all began with a chance meeting
    between JS veteran Jack Walters and

  • Royal visitor 03

    Royal visitor
    PRINCE CHARLES paid an unofficial
    visit to Stamford House on June 6. The
    Prince is president of the Council of the
    Friends of Covent Garden, of which John
    Sainsbury is chairman. During the year
    the chairman's...

  • As seen on TV 04

    As seen on TV
    SAINSBURY'S hit your TV screens for
    three weeks last month in a new burst of
    advertising. Featuring one new commercial,
    and a re-run of the one filmed in
    Putney, the adverts were screened on
    ATV, Southern,...


    JS COFFEE LOVERS are full of beans
    since they heard the news that the price of a
    four ounce jar of own-label instant coffee
    granules is now down-by 12p to 95p.
    JS instant granules contain a proportion of I'ree/.e-dried coffee...

  • JS keeps in training 04

    JS keeps in training
    once again been given the thumbs-up by
    the Distributive Industry Training
    The DITB recently completed a review
    of training within JS and have now
    informed the company...

  • Leamington steps out and about 04

    Leamington steps out and about
    TOP PRIZE for making the most of a day
    out must go to Leamington Spa branch.
    On June 11, two coach-loads of staff,
    their families and friends set off at nine
    am for Cherry Garden Pier in...

  • Nine Elms disease 04

    Nine Elms disease
    new Covent Garden market at Nine Elms
    were put under the microscope in a recent
    edition of London Weekend Television's
    'The London Programme'. The investigation,
    screened on...

  • Pip, pip hurrah! 04

    Pip, pip hurrah!
    PURE APPLE JUICE surfaced recently
    as an own-label product. The juice is
    made from Bramleys and Cox's Orange
    Pippins, and is cloudy because only some
    of the particles left after manufacture are
    filtered out....

  • Shareholder's annual meet 04

    Shareholder's annual meet
    MEETING of shareholders and other
    interested parties took place at the
    Connaught Rooms, London on July 5.
    More news of the meeting in the August

  • SavaCentre sells a million! 05

    SavaCentre sells a million!
    gallons of petrol at the SavaCentre
    petrol station at Washington since it
    opened last November. And to celebrate,
    two large bottles of champagne were
    presented to the...

  • Shirley's perfect eggshell finish 05

    Shirley's perfect eggshell finish
    AN EMU'S EGG is what Shirley Maile
    has set her heart on. Shirley, who works
    at Folkestone branch, has acquired something
    of a reputation as a craftswoman—
    and one of her specialities is...

  • . . . as good as new! 06

    In less than a week, branch and area office
    staff transformed Pinner's old-fashioned
    service shop into a modern self-service store
    that looks . . .
    ... as good as new! CUSTOMERS AT PINNER can't believe their eyes—in...

  • Your letters 08

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. Weighing up the'Anker
    From: B Brandon, Swindon branch
    It seems that the company has gone to a
    lot of trouble to get printed Anker ticket
    rolls in pretty...

  • Honoured hosts 09

    Honoured hosts
    A HIGH POWERED trade delegation
    from Hungary paid a visit to Basingstoke
    depot last month. The delegation was
    headed by the Secretary of State for
    Foreign Trade, Dr Szerloi, and included
    Ministry of Foreign...

  • Sue joins the converted 10

    'I'M NEW TO SAINSBURY'S' says Sue
    James 'and they're new to the North
    West, but I'm converted—honest!' Sue is
    JS's counsellor for the region around the
    new stores in Wilmslow and Newcastle-
    Under-Lyme, and has only...

  • Chew this over and win £50 11

    Chew this over and win £50
    TO JUDGE by the clicking of shutters at the
    'Family Day' last month the Journal's photo
    competition has really caught the imagination of
    JS's budding David Baileys. To help you with
    your entry we...

  • Hold up foiled 11

    Hold up foiled
    TWO MEN attempted to rob two Securicor
    guards as they left Golders Green
    branch on June 24. The robbers surprised
    the guards as they left the store.
    However, one of the Securicor men was
    quick-witted enough to...

  • Tinned trees 11

    Tinned trees
    A TIN OPENER and greenfingers are all
    you need to successfully grow an apricot
    tree from a tin of apricots according to a
    customer at Ballards Lane branch. Mrs
    Coralie Hewkyard says about two years
    ago she...

  • Top trucker 11

    Top trucker
    his way to the national final of the Lorry
    Driver of the Year competition organised
    by Commercial Motor magazine. This
    year Basingstoke driver Chris Preston
    finished top of his...

  • Wed to their work 11

    Wed to their work
    A TRIO OF WEDDINGS at Basingstoke branch took place last month, when four of
    the branch staff entered the matrimonial stakes. First off the mark were Gillian Martin, a
    senior cashier, and Andy Gibb, a senior...

  • Happy families day! 12

    Happy families day! Top left: Come on in the water's luverleeeeee... Centre: Jean Jeapes of Islington
    branch deals Uxbridge area's giant joker. Above: Romford area's cheerleaders keep their
    team on its toes. Below: Standing room...

  • Freddie loosens JS family ties 17

    Freddie loosens JS
    A JS FAMILY broke up at the end of
    June, when Freddie Gilford, a foremanin
    the returns department of Basingstoke
    depot, retired after 41 years' service.
    Freddie's son, Fred junior, and his sonin-
    law Barry...

  • Scrub and carry days are over 17

    'WE HAD TO CARRY all the stuff off
    the vans on our shoulders' recalls Bert
    Imbert about his early days with JS at
    Islington branch. Bert started his career
    as a porter in 1937 and this month closes
    it as a driver at...

  • Maurice stays by the sea 18

    Maurice stays by the sea
    MANY OF US dream of retiring to a
    little house by the sea. For Maurice Eaton
    it is a reality. When he retired on June 24,
    after 46 years with the company, it was to
    his neat-as-a-pin bungalow not...

  • Willy keeps on travelling 18

    Willy keeps on travelling
    'I LOVE DRIVING and I love travel'
    says Willy Williams, who for the past 41
    years has been doing plenty of both as a
    driver for JS, based first at Blackfriars
    and more recently at Charlton depot....

  • The house that Danny built . . . 19

    The house that Danny built...
    BRICKLAYING runs in Danny Geary's
    family. His father was a master bricklayer,
    and when Danny left school at 14
    he joined his father to learn the trade. A
    few years later he joined JS as a...

  • Appointments 20

    D Davies, formerly area engineer for the
    Uxbridge area, has been appointed area
    engineer for the Midlands.
    C Baker, formerly planning and
    development manager in branch
    productivity services at Blackfriars,...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    George Bradburn, manager of Dunstable
    branch, celebrated 40 years with JS on
    June 14.
    Mr Bradburn joined the company in
    1938 at 158 Catford and a year later
    moved to Bedford branch. He spent the
    war years with...

  • Retirements 20

    Harry Mercer, a leading trades assistant
    at Lewisham branch, retired on June 24
    after 22 years with the company.
    Mr Mercer joined JS as a porter in the
    old Lewisham store. He was promoted to
    senior warehouseman...

  • 'Stagnate—never' says Ken 21

    'Stagnate—never' says Ken
    local paper for an inside porter at 14
    Hove, and the next thing I knew I was
    working for Sainsbury's.' That was the
    start of Ken Stoner's 41 year career with

  • Bill takes the responsible approach 22

    Bill takes the responsible approach
    FAR FROM EVADING responsibility
    Bill Leonard actively seeks it out. 'I like a
    job where it's down to me to see it's done
    properly' says Bill, who until his retirement
    on June 30 had been...

  • Cleanliness is next to slimliness 22

    Cleanliness is next to slimliness
    'THE FLAB' is taking a beating from the
    staff of the hygiene and food technology
    department at Blackfriars. 'We were
    nearly all overweight' said food technologist
    Brian Duddy 'so 15 of us...

  • Shad rests on her laurels! 23

    Shad rests on her laurels!
    Shad looks forward to joining the ranks of the Veteran's Group she has so ably taken care
    of over the past years. A REVERSAL OF ROLES for Vera
    Shadbolt, who after many years of looking
    after the...

  • Anyone for Cricket? 24

    Anyone for Cricket? IN BETWEEN knocking up butter, staff managed to find
    time to knock up a few runs during the cricket season. JS
    had a cricket team as early as 1915. 'It's my first memory
    of sport at head office' recalls...